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Non-Emergency Medical Transport

  • I would use MMT. My hubby used to work for them part time and said it was a great company. They are local to athens but transport locally and nationwide.
  • There's a medical transport service called Southeast Ambulance here in Athens. That's all they do (they're not a 911 service). National EMS does transports as well as 911 service. I've also seen ambulances from a patient transport service called SouthStar at the ER, and at least a couple of others, but I'm not sure if those were just ambulance crews outside their territory for special circumstances. Someone on the list named Laura . . . was looking into this a little while back. You may want to get with her and see what she found out. Southeast Ambulance, 706-202-4038; National EMS, 706-286-7007
  • I received several recommendations: Mastercare, VelStar, North Georgia Medical Transport, and Managed Medical Transport. All who recommended these companies had used them in the past and said they were excellent. I didn't need to use any of them after all. Hope this helps! Laura
  • My husband works for Managed Medical Transports, which transports patients locally as well as nationally. If you like, they have a website that has patient testimonials. It is