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Recommendations on Metal Roofs

7/09, 10/29
  • From Kim Hattaway Stuart Dove roofing did mine and did a great job. They didn't leave a mess and it
    looks great. 706-296-7546 they will give you an estimate. These are hard working people who stand behind their work. Please tell
    The cost will fluctuate by the cost of metal. I had mine done when metal was so high and it ran around $2500.00 for colored tin.
  • If you're looking for a contractor, I can recommend LD Services. : Their number is 770-851-0880. The owner is Dar Schattler, based
    out of Commerce. He worked about 10 years in general construction, then spent the last 8 years as the project manager for a large
    roofing company in Atlanta. They specialized in metal, slate, tile and shingle roofing. Dar has earned a reputation around the
    southeast US as a metal roofing expert, and now owns his own business; he's roofed homes and businesses in GA, FL, NC and SC,
    and still does consulting work for his former employer. His partner has spent about 20 years in construction, as well, though
    Dar is the roofing specialist. Even if you choose not to use them as your contractor, Dar is an excellent resource to ask questions
    to. If you do consider him as a possible contractor, I can tell you that he will take excellent care of you, and will not steer you
    wrong or try to sell you services you don't need. He will recommend the best route for you to take, whether you use him or not, though
    you won't find a better roofer in this state (I've seen him get hired numerous times to fix mistakes made by other roofers who did
    shoddy or careless work). Don't take my word for it; he can provide excellent non-biased references.
  • Wayne Smith, Smitty's Metal Roofing, 434 Elizabeth Street, Commerce GA 30529, Home: 706-335-4304, Cell: 706-247-6882
  • I had a tin roof put over the shingles (not laying directly on them, but an inch or two above; by Knock on
    Wood Carpentry - Tony Christian - in Hull, GA. It was $3000 for 1100 sq, ft. (that's my floor space
    anyway - ) he gives free estimates. I am very happy with it -- the space between shingles and metal
    provide an extra layer of insulation, but I can still hear the rain beat on my roof in a storm (I find
    it very relaxing -- if you like crickets, birdsongs, frogs, etc..)
  • I highly recommend Knock on Wood Carpentry -- they are professional, were complete in a day, with no signs
    that they had even been there, except the pretty green roof!
  • I had a roof put on our house about a month ago and used Stewart Dove's Sons Roofing Co. I would highly
    recommend them, don't remember the price per sq. foot, I got 3 prices and they were in the middle. I
    went with them because everyone I talked to had nothing but good things to say about them. It did take
    them a little over a month from when he came out and gave me a price to when the roof was put on, they
    were that busy and he told me that it would be that long when he priced the job. I talked to one of the
    sons, Richie, here is his number if you want to call him. Home: 706-795-5610 Cell: 706-255-4933.
  • I don't remember how much it was but we have had a tin roof for about 5 years now. We love it!!! My husband
    and a couple of buddies did it so we saved a lot on labor. I do remember him saying that the special screws
    were a bit on the pricey side. We went with a black tin but there are several colors to choose from we got
    everything from Georgia Metals in Danielsville. Check out their web site at
  • I believe I saw where there was a tax incentive for people who put on a tin roof... you may want to try to
    google that...