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  • The very best recommendation in town in Dr. Angela McSwain. She has a longer waiting list, but there is a reason.

    For a while I took my daughter to Athens Neurological Associates for her migraines. I was not satisified with the care she received so I no longer take her there. We now go to Dr. McSwain, whom I can recommend highly.

  • I, too, do not usually respond to postings but feel that an positive opinion is most needed in this situation. My husband has been a patient of Dr. Brian Mitchell at Athens Neurological Associates for almost five years and has never had any problems with him. He is very personable and extremely well versed in his area as well as being a registered pharmacist (practiced pharmacy prior to attending medical school). He always spends plenty of time with my husband (and allows me to sit in as well) discussing any concerns and questions that either of us might have. We have never felt rushed during an office visit or that we are just another patient among many. He always wants to be sure he answers any questions that we might have. He is always up-to-date on any medical issues that my husband might be going through, any type of medical procedure that would be beneficial, is very knowledgeable on my husband's medications and is open to spending time discussing them and/or any new medications that he considers to be better. If Dr. Mitchell ever decides to make changes in my husband's medications, he discusses the pros and cons of his decision and asks for my husband's input. Dr. Mitchell makes his own return calls whenever we call for him with questions or concerns. His nurse, Kristy, is extremely friendly and always responds to my calls in a very timely manner. Prior to my mother's death, she was also a patient of Dr. Mitchell's. He was very caring and patient with all of her questions and concerns. I truly appreciated the manner in which he treated my very opinionated 85 year old mother! As to the equipment being in-house, it has been an advantage for us. They have appointments after regular business hours and are always friendly when we go for tests. Therefore, I would give him a glowing recommendation!

    I have three family members that go to Athens Neurological and they have always been provided excellent care. I guess it depends on the doctor. They all go to the same one. I am particular about doctors due to misdiagnosis of both my mom and dad by doctors for critical conditions, so I always research first. Like I said, it can depend on the doctor as much as the practice.

    I normally would reply off list to this kind of post but I feel so strongly that Athens Neurological Associates is a practice to be avoided.

    Ditto the above comment. Avoid this practice. I saw a doctor who was educated at Emory, so I thought he would be knowledgeable. First, with no patients in front of me, they put me in an exam room I waited for a half hour -- I heard him talking to a nurse about social things. When I had a sleep apnea test, they knew I was multiply disabled, yet they scheduled me with a brand new technician who had only done one or two sleep studies prior to mine. It went from bad to worse from there. Trying to get my records from them capped the nightmare. ------I want to append my post, because I was probably unclear. It was not just the doctor at this practice but was also the staff that I have a problem with. When I complained about some problems the technician caused, the staff "circled the wagons" and acted as if I was the problem and not the practice. An unwillingness to discuss customer comments and suggestions, violations of the Americans with Disabilities Act and being dismissive of an insurance that I paid for, for many years prior to being disabled, doesn't cut it in my book.

    I would avoid Athens Neurological Associates on Baxter. they own the diagnostic equipment, and really seem to push expensive tests on this equipment.

  • I would contact Grant Tribble, who is the CEO of ARMC, and ask him who he would take his kids to. He's a great, approachable guy and he knows his doctors, and will get you good information. A neurologist is not something you take a chance on.
  • Try Athens Neurolgical ...they have specialist in many areas and really know what they're doing.
    • My son and I are extremely satisfied with Athens Neurology over on Baxter Street. Ten years ago they diagnosed my son and sent him for further testing to Emory. No complaints.
    • My husband and mother-in-law both see Dr. Pitts at Athens Neurological on Baxter. Both he and his assistant Lisa are great. They are very thorough.
    • Dr. Brian Mitchell at Athens Neurology is great.
    • Brian Mitchell of Athens Neurological Associates on Baxter Street is excellent!
  • My husband has spinal stenosis issues and sees Dr. Gerald Rodts at Emory. Husband had a much needed surgery to relieve lower lumbar stenosis symptoms in back/legs and it has been extremely successful. We love Dr. Rodts. He is strictly spine though.
    • To be honest, I'd go to Emory. Sorry, but I cannot recommend anyone except Rodts, and he just does the spine.
    • I have also been to Emory and MCG. If you need a neurosurgeon I have a great one at MCG.
  • I go to Dr. Angela McSwain 706-310-1859. Her office is out in Watkinsville but the trip is worth it. She came highly recommended and after seeing her I can see why. She is extremely thorough and very sensible in her approach to any given problem. She is also kind and easy to talk to. She has a great reputation with the physical therapists at St. Mary's that I have worked with. They say she is one of the best in our area. She is new to the Athens area so she may not have very many reviews, but she is well worth checking out.
  • I've used Dr. Terry Wimpy for a sleep disorder. He's very nice and was helpful to me.
  • My daughter now sees Dr. McSwain for her migraines and we like her. Previously she saw Dr. Novey and I would not recommend him. With him it was drugs and more drugs.
  • I love Jon poling
  • Nerve pain began in 2008-2009, went to see Brian Mitchell (Athens) in early spring of 2009. He referred me to phys therapy, which aggravated my pain. Subsequent visits rseulted in various presecriptions and referrals to Athens Spine Center, which is basically an anethesiologist/pain center, then to a neurosurgeon (had a discectomy / fusion in 2010). Long story, but I believe I really received better care when I started going to an osteopath -- Chris Doerr. He read the radiology/MRI reports more attentively and has been much more useful than the neurologist, who was nice enough but I always wonder whetehr if I 'd gotten useful attention a year earlier I'd have avoided chronic pain, which is what I still have.