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Original Question: Can you please tell me off list your experiences good and bad with the prescription drug Neurontin? I've been prescribed to help with nerve pain, but I really am worried about the drug itself.

-------------- I've been on Neurontin a couple of years now after trying a couple of other meds for my particular nerve condition. I found it to work for me without any noticeable side affects. I'm on a low dose and I'm don't know what your specific concerns are, so not sure how helpful my comments are.
-------------- If you have a neurological situation, I think I remember your saying so, is there another generic drug that has possible less side-effects? for instance, Klonopin, a benzodiazepam, generic-Clonazapam, is for anxiety but also for epileptic seizures. It's been around a long time, and I take it for anxiety b/c it makes my blood pressure go up.
----------------------- I think I would try St. Johns Wort and Trigger Point therapy first if I were going through it. St. Johns Wort is something I tried probably a decade ago and I remember it being relaxing. And Trigger Point therapy could help with some of the associated pain. It's really an amazing self massage therapy.
----------------------- My teenage daughter was prescribed Neurontin to prevent cluster headaches. Unfortunately it caused her blood pressure to become very low and she was switched to another medication. Other than that, she didn't have any side effects.
------------------------- I take gabapentin, the generic version of neurontin. I take one pill a day to resolve issues with numbness in one of my legs. This numbness is an after-effect of sciatic nerve problems. I was having occasional numbness and pain from my knee down to a couple of my toes. It was not constant but when it hurt, it really hurt. The medicine has just about blocked the numbness. The prescription says I can gradually increase the dosage if the single pill is not effective but so far I am doing fine with one. I would say my experience has been positive with this drug.
------------------------- I was on Neurontin for my fibromyalgia and chronic lower back pain and also to help me with my sleeping. I was on it for over a year. I had to keep increasing the dosage. I was on 900 mgs. a day. I started having a hard time with it and I believed I was being overdosed with this medication. I slowly weaned myself off of it. It is addictive. I had a graduate student who was in a wreck and they prescribed this also for him. He was on a higher dose than I was, but he got addicted also and after nearly two years on it he had to wean himself off also. My dad also takes Neurontin, but he seems to be doing okay with it. I really think it has a lot to do with the dosage. It is one of those drugs that you have to either increase it to get the relief you need or decrease it. Like with any medication, watch for side effects that are worrisome.
-------------------------- I've taken Neurontin (and its generic, Gabapentin) por 10 years and I love it. Granted, I use it for another reason, as an antiseizure. But even if it's for a different reason, I have not had any side effects and it makes me feel safe everywhere I go. I recommend that you Google it as I'm sure there's a wealth of information available, and if possible, sign up for a listserv and ask the same question.
---------------------------- My friend has nerve damage and i'm on elaville for nerve damage.He takes neurontin and he says it really helps him cope with it.
--------------------------- My mother took it for years with no problems. From what the neurologist told her it is safe and you can increase the dose to the level that you need. My husband took it to for migraines but it didn't help the headaches.
---------------------------- Is it possible you could use an alternative like in this web article: Also, while it is generally used for muscle pain, Trigger Point therapy really works. And it's easy to do - self massage. My husband healed his "frozen shoulder" with Trigger Point therapy and I've gotten rid of muscle pains that way, too. Also, what about body reflexology? My mother just gave me a book on it and a friend of hers used it as well and has had good success. I looked up Neurontin and it sounds pretty heavy, esp. about possibility of suicidal thoughts caused by taking it. And the fact that it's anti-epileptic medication. I hope you don't take it - but that's just my opinion from reading about it. There are also topical creams that might help, depending on where the nerve pain is. Tea Tree oil and Neem oil both have some great healing properties. I love Neem oil.
---------------------------------- I'd be curious what you hear -- that's exactly what I was prescribed yesterday (cervical spinal stenosis suspected as cause for radial nerve pain in left hand & wrist) after my spinal nerve injection at Athens SPine Center. (Isnt that a bit of a fancy, if not misleading, name for a group of anethesiologists? If they called it Anesthesia Center would we feel nearly so apt to place confidence in them? Hmmm. I'm still thinking on that one.) Anyway, Dr. Megdal prescribed neurontin for me because I complained (a) 300 mg of lyrica was too packed with side effects, tho it did dull the pain; and (b) 30 mg cymbalta had not made any noticeable difference. Beginning to feel like we're all just means of collecting off-label prescription evidence for the drug companies ... but what other choice do you have? Anyway, please copy me if it's no trouble.
------------------------------------ I was given it when I had post shingle pain. It made me swell up and affected my vision. I'd rather endure the pain! I quit taking it and the pain did eventually subside.
-------------------------------------- I took it for fibromyalgia. I am very sensitive to medication and did not have a good experience with Neurontin. I didn't like the way it made me feel. For lack of a better word, I just kind of felt whacked out. My sister, however, who has rheumatoid arthritis, has had a good result with Neurontin and relieving her pain and she did not have the side effects I did.
---------------------------------------- Why don't you go to the store and look up the side-effects in a book called The Pill Book. I have one of these, but if your drug is new, it prob won't be in mine since my book is about 15 yrs old. Also, you might google it w/ side-effects or customer satisfaction, or something. You might also want to consider acupuncture. Mel McDonald, whose wife runs Discount Nutrition Ctr at Alps could tell you where he is working now. He used ot be in Winterville paired up w/some docs, one a naturopath, but I think Eliz Shultz is now in Watkinsville, so I odn't know if he is there too or not. Mel is both a nutrition consultant and an acupunturist, and it took him many years to become each.
---------------------------------------- I've got good and bad experiences with Neurontin. My mother has been prescribed this drug to help her with arthritis pain (and possibly fibromyalgia). She is 54. She takes it before bed and sleeps fine - it is sort of a 'wonder drug' for her. If she skips a few nights she doesn't sleep well b/c of back and hip pain during the night. My mother-in-law was prescribed Neurontin to help with Parkinson's tremors. She was 75 when she took the meds. We noticed while she was taking this medication she would sleep all night and most of the next day. When she wasn't asleep she didn't feel like being very active. She was always drowsy. We stopped giving her the medicine and she perked up. She is no longer sleeping all day and moves around the house w/out being too sluggish. I'm not sure if it worked for one and not the other b/c of the age difference or b/c Neurontin was prescribed for two different things.
--------------------------------------- Have you tried looking in GALILEO from the Libraries' Homepage? ( MedLine, which is heavy-duty research, by physicians for physicians, has many articles on this drug. But there are other databases with more "customer friendly" articles. Give me a call if you'd like help with finding these. A lot of what you find will be available in full-text, online, too. Hope this is of some help.
--------------------------------------- I haven't experienced any side effects. As far as helping, I am on a low dosage and need it higher to help.
-------------------------------------- I was prescribed this as well for severe pain and I talked with my doctors at Regional First Care (I work there part time) and they thought it would help. I was VERY skeptical because this is a drug they use for seizures. I should have went with my gut instinct. I took one pill and could not even go to work the next day. I couldn't even hold my head up I was so dizzy, my face was numb and I felt really weird. I told my doctor I would NEVER take another one of those pills in my life. My sister also had problems with it. Some people have used it and done great but that is my experience with it!
----------------------------------------- My son took it for awhile, and my boss also. Both stated that they felt very lethargic while taking.
---------------------------------------- I have been on this medicine since last Thursday…. Short time… other than feeling nausea it has been ok.
------------------------------------------ I am on Neurontin and according to the doctor it has no side effects and will pass through your system. If you have other problems you need to let any other doctor you see. I also have kidney disease and they want my doctor for that to agree to the dosage.