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Ophthalmologists (2 lists)
Results from 3/10/2010 Search for Ophthalmologists
Dr. Victor Crosby - 5
Dr. Michael Jacobs - 4
Five Points Eye Care - 2
Dr. Mohan Iyer - 3
Dr. Tony DeMarco - 2
Dr. Marc Jacobs - 1
Dr. Jing Dong - 1
Dr. Blue - 1
Dr. Hubbard - 1
  • Dr. Victor Crosby (5) I highly recommend Dr. Victor Crosby. He's an excellent doctor (and a nice guy, too).
  • I like Dr. Victor Crosby.
  • I love Dr. Victor Crosby. He also treats my friend that had a retinal detachment.
  • Victor Crosby, who is on that list, is the one I've seen, and he's very good, I like him a lot
  • Dr. Michael Jacobs (5) I see Dr. Michael Jacobs. He's out off 316. I like him a lot. Did both of my cataracts.
  • He's very thorough and concerned about his patients.
  • Michael jacobs ,Athens Eye Care off 316 on left i mile past the loop 10 is great
  • Before I started using the VC here, I used Dr. (Michael) Jacobs ((706)549-7047). He's young
    and really nice and takes time to make sure he's understanding all your problems. His office
    even worked with me to pay my bill over a 3 month period so I didn't have to pony up all that
    cash at once. I highly, highly recommend him. However, I encourage you to check into the VC
    here because our prices are so low and we have great docs. 2-5617.
  • I've been happy so far with Marc Jacobs who bought Silas Read's practice.
  • FIVE POINTS EYE CARE (not Ophthalmologists) (2) Dr. Nadine at five points eye care is amazing!
  • We have really been pleased with 5 points eye care -- Dr. Jon Forche (I think that's how you spell it).
    Several folks in our office use them -- that's how I started going there.
  • Dr. Mohan Iyer (3) I'd highly recommend Dr. Mohan Iyer,Athens Retina husband had a macular hole(in the back of the eye)
  • and is still we've been several times...people from all over come to him (he's on Oglethorpe)to
    get serious eye problems fixed and "re-fixed" from other doctors...Both our eye doctors recommended him right
    off and have high regards for him.good luck, June
  • I am the Vision Clinic manager at the University Vision Clinic. I wanted to let you know that Dr. Iyer is a retinal
    ophthalmologist here in Athens. He is the one that other physicians refer to (and we do as well). Hope this helps.
  • my opthalmologist sent me to Dr. Iyer and I felt totally confident in the care I got.
  • Tony DeMarco (2) I saw Tony DeMarco the night before Thanksgiving a little over a year ago (emergency visit recommended by optician,
    as I was seeing lightning flashes in my right eye, and it wasn't raining or thundering inside my house..). He is
    GREAT. Right eye turned out, eventually to be completely fine thank goodness.
  • During the exam DeMarco looked at my left eye, noticed the laser surgery I'd had to repair the retina, and I mentioned some problems
    I was having with the left eye... upshot was, I ended up seeing a Dr. H. who visits that practice from Emory and specializes in
    retinas. I had surgery on that eye last summer. Eye can never be 100% but it is better.
  • I swear by DeMarco (he came into the emergency visit with flour on his pants, he'd been making pumpkin pies with his kids, I mean awwwww....)
    Smart, takes an interest, (and good bedside manner -- during my emergency visit, reassured me as I was concerned about losing the one
    eye with correctable vision for pete's sake). If your eyes are bad (and I'm extremely nearsighted, -11+ and -12+) I'd go with DeMarco.
  • Dr. Jing Dong @ Dr. Blue's practice (1)I highly recommend Dr. Jing Dong, he is in with Dr. Blue's practice on Milledge Ave.
    I had a horrible painful thing happen to my eyes 4 yrs. ago that my opthomologist of 20 yr's couldn't determine my
    problem and 3 months went by where I was out of work a month and couldn't see, blink, cry without pain. I had to quit
    driving!! Then one day I was at my pharmacy & just decided to tell the pharmasist what was happening & she said "you
    need to get to an eye disease specialist immediately as you could get staff in your eyes and go blind!!" I said I didn't
    know of one and asked her for a referral and she said go see Dr.Jing Dong!! I did the next day and he determined my problem,
    medicated my eyes and everything is under control. Took him 5 mins. to know --- where it took over 3 months for my opthomologist
    to admit "he didn't know"! Dr. Dong had extensive med. training in his country & to practice in the U.S. he had to take
    extensive American schooling in addition::: so he is double SMART!! You'll love him as I did for his expertise and caring.
  • Dr. Richard Blue (1) Dr. Richard Blue is very good. I have macular degeneration and he seems to be very thorough. I would recommend
    taking a good book for your appointment though as they take a very long time and most times it takes my 2-3 hours.
  • Dr. Hubbard (1)I go to retina specialist at Dr. Crymes office. His name is Dr. Hubbard. He comes from Emory to Athens.
    Not sure how often.
  • Dr. Michael Jacobs:
      I've had a lot of eye "issues" and I love Dr. Michael Jacobs with Athens Eye Associates (706-549-7047).
      He is very thorough and very caring. I had to see a specialist and he told me that the laser
      surgery that Dr. Jacobs had done looked very good. I called him once on a saturday morning with
      an eye infection and he said he'd meet me at his office to take a look at it. He's also a very devoted
      father and family man. And, he really talks to you like he's interested in how you're doing. I'm totally
      satisfied with him as my doctor.

      I use Dr. Jacobs (7065437047) and he's great. I think their office just moved near the St. Mary's wellness center out there
      where 316 starts, but I'm not sure as I haven't been for my exam this year. Dr. Jacobs is really personable, spends quality
      time with you discussing all your problems and makes sure you're taken care of. I've also never had to wait very long, and I
      believe it's because of their scheduling. Good luck, and let me know if you want any more details.

      one very negative vote for Dr. Jacobs.

  • Just had an awesome experience last Thursday with Dr. Jing Dong on Milledge (with Dr. Blue at Blue Laser Group).

    (I would NOT recommend Dr. Blue at all. There are some professionalism issues with his staff, none of whom seem to be
    aware of what the others are doing. My parents had a very negative experience with them, and we will not be going
    back to them.)

    Dr. Dong at Blue is very good

    I do NOT recommend Dr. Blue.

    Dr. Jing Dong saved me from a potential serious eye problem 2 years ago. My reg. Opthamologist of 20 years could not
    figure out the problem. Dr. Dong knew first visit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My pharmacist referred me to him. I TRUST
    him totally! He is in with Dr. Blue on Milledge Ave.

  • Dr. Brent Crymes at Keller, Crymes and DeMarco on Chase Street have been great for me.

    have had an excellent experience w/ Dr. DeMarco in Keller, Crymes, DeMarco and now Sams.

    I saw Dr. DeMarco the night before Thanksgiving, as an emergency visit (he was at home making pumpkin pies
    w/ his kids) while I was having retinal flashing and a possible (due to the symptoms) tear in my retina.
    I've got extreme myopia and it's always a possibility. He came in, and personally, has a great doctor/patient
    manner and was very thorough, competent, and gave me the information I needed. He specializes in cataract
    surgery, so I don't know details, but I'd recommend him.

  • Dr. Victor Crosby is great!

    I recommend Dr. Crosby, 140 Trinity Pl, Victor A Crosby Md, Bldg B

    dr crosby was recommended to us from a Emory Dr... don't think you get better than that. My husband who is a
    diabetic has gotten great care from him. <> My husband and I go to Victor Crosby.

  • I really like Thomas Eye Care, although I have not had more than a yearly eye exam there. He is knowledgeable as well as
    kind. His staff is very nice, too.
  • just saw Dr. Jon Forche for the first time, and was very impressed with him. He found a potential problem that I never
    knew existed, and was never addressed by my former doctor. He is at Five Points Eye Care on Milledge.
  • have been very happy with my experiences with Dr. Jing Dong - Blue Laser Group on Milledge...
  • Keller Crymes & DE Marco provides Ophthalmologist servicesat 1010 Prince Ave. (706) 549-9993, but they just moved to Trinity Place across from the Urology Clinic.
  • Dr. Anthony De Marco of Keller, Crymes and De Marco is wonderful and has also got a very good manner.
  • Brent Crymes