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(three lists)

  • I heartily recommend Dr. Bob Waugh at Waugh & Allen. It's not just him, but his whole team that's great. And they are NOT expensive! My braces were done faster than I expected -- which really seems like they SHOULD cost more. After all, don't faster cars and computers cost more?! But, they didn't... Dr. Waugh teaches at the Dental College in Augusta and across the U.S. That must be why he really knows what he is doing. I personally would not trust anyone else with my family's braces needs.
  • who do you all use for your children's orthodontist? -- Thank you everyone! It looks to be unanimous! Dr. Tradd Harter at Classic City Orthodontics!
    Thank you all for the many responses I received in answer to my asking for a
    personable orthodontist who treats adults.
    The responses were as follows:

    3 for Harter
    1 for Russell
    1 for Waugh
  • I recommend Dr. Tradd Harter. Nice guy! I had braces as an adult and I saw him - actually
    he was in with Dr. Morang at the time and I saw them both.
  • I take my son to Dr. Harter and he is great. I know a few adults who have gotten work done
    by him and the last time I saw him he was in braces.
  • Anyway, we used Dr. Harter with my son. I really liked him. When we first went in to see him,
    he told us that we needed to wait until such-and-such happened (I think it had something
    to do with certain teeth coming in) before he went into braces -- which was about two years
    later. I really like that he did what was the right course of treatment for my son, not
    what was the best course for his books!
  • My best friend works for Russell Orthodontics and he is WONDERFUL!!! Your first appt is free
    I believe just to look at your mouth and he will then tell you what he thinks you need. I
    believe he also has a payment plan that they can set you up on too. Good luck and give them
    a call I recommend him to everyone he is wonderful!! 706-549-0110
  • Dr. Waugh is great and is up on the latest technology. I found Waugh & Allen consultation to
    be good but EXPENSIVE!!! They do have the "latest" technology but at the end of the day
    my daughters teeth will be as straight with her current orthodontist as they would
    have been at Waugh & Allen at a much cheaper price. For my daughter, W&A quoted me
    $5030.00 and this required a $2000.00 down payment and in-house financing for 12
    months however, they would not finance in house for the full term of her braces
    which is 24 months and, in turn, would have made my payment cheaper per month and
    easier on the budget. I decided to get another opinion and went to another
    orthodontist. There it will be $2860.00. W&A staff are nice but I don't need all
    the bells and whistles their office has (computers for the kids to play on while waiting
    on your appt, movie room for kids to watch TV, new "hip/trendy" location,etc.).
    In my opinion, they are way over priced.