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Primary Ccare Physician Recommendations ***
  • I love Dr. Ken Park - Oconee Primary Care, he and his wife Dr. Mary Kim opened their own practice. 706) 310-1030 oconeeprimarycareathen... 1624 Mars Hill Rd, Ste B, Watkinsville, GA 30677

    I second the Oconee Primary Care - Drs. Ken Park & Mary Kim - Fabulous people and doctors!!

    And all their staff are friendly and go out of their way to be helpful. Dr Park is fantastic.

    We love Dr. Park!

  • We have seen Dr. Patrick Lucas at Hawthorne Medical for a number of years and have been very happy with him, nursing staff, PA, and office staff. I know he takes BCBS....

    I also see Dr. Patrick Lucas & am very happy with the care that he and his staff provide.

  • From both my and my husband's recommendations, you could do no better than to see Dr. Vandana Setia (mine) or Dr. Mary Kim-her husband, Dr. Ken Park, is great too (my husband's).
(pre 2012)
  • Dr. Patrick Lucas at Hawthorne MedicalDr. Kevin Oneil, whole family GP Oglethorpe Ave. Past 11 years
  • Dr Kevin O'Neal!!!

    Kevin O'Neal is my GP. He's great because he takes time to listen to my questions and he explains how things work. He also will work with me on issues that previous doctors refused to work with me on. I trust him and highly recommend him

  • Paul Haver - we all love him!
  • Dr. Ken Park 706-310-1030 - highly recommend

    My family really likes Dr. Park - here is his website. He and his wife are in practice together....
    younger doctor - we've been well pleased.

    "When I first moved to Athens, I went to Athens Primary Care, I really liked Dr. Ken Park. I was not too impressed with the office management, however and found them somewhat hard to deal with. As soon as Dr. Park said he was opening his own practice, I changed and haven't been sorry since. The office staff is wonderful; everyone sounds genuinely kind and wants to be helpful. I especially like Dr. Park's "partnership" attitude vs. I'm the doctor and I tell YOU what to do. He even has hours Saturday mornings. I can't say enough great things about him. Good luck!" .

  • Athens Primary Care on Sunset (in that complex across from the Park). I've been with Sam Griffin there for 14 yrs. 706.548.6068
  • Dr. Vandana Setia.
  • In the yellow pages under "physicians" look up "Family Practice" if your friend is looking for a physician for the whole family. If just for adults, look up "Internal Medicine." Most physicians (at least the excellent ones) are Board certified in a specialty. "Family Practice" is a board certification specialty.