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Pests Control

five lists: 2012 (early year), 2012 (later), 11,10,08
    late 2012
  • Allgood. Have used them for years and years. I am not sue how their prices compare, yet I do know that will get to you as fast as they can and will not try to sell anything to you that is not needed.
  • We had to hire someone recently for pest control and American Pest Control had the best price and package for us. Very professional people and good service so far. They were recommended highly from others too. It is a locally owned company also.

    We have used American Pest for many many years. They may not be the cheapest (I don't know everyone's prices), but they make sure they do things right. I have heard some of the others cut corners.

  • Call Jarrell Jarrett at Arrow. He's the best!
  • Hands down...Arrow exterminators.

  • I think Houseman has the best price. $30 monthly or $60 quarterly. They do a great job, too.

    We use Houseman and have been very pleased.

    HOUSEMAN is GREAT......their number is 706.769.7826. Had bad experience with Orkin.

  • A&E's Do It Yourself; 770-867-7085; they are so nice and very knowledgeable; they will talk with you about your needs and then offer advice on the products they sell, but they also provide professional service for your home if that is what you prefer. I have found their prices very competitive, and they want to do it right for you! Pest control sometimes takes a few tries before the problem is eliminated, and Eric and Anita Shaw, the owners, will work with you until the pests are gone!

  • Our neighbor John Hunter does pest control and I'm told they're very reasonable. Their company is Evans Pest Control - I don't have his number but found 770-962-1318 online.
early 2012
I want to recommend an Metro Atlanta-based pest control company that I like to use. Its called "Do My Own Pest Control" and they can be contacted at or 866-581-7378. They sell professional-level pest control products directly to consumers so one doesn't have to pay a company to come out and treat their home or property. I've been using them for the past 4 or 5 years with great success. The website is super user-friendly and their customer service reps have always been very patient and helpful when I'm learning to apply a new product in my home. I can't imagine paying someone else to do something that I can do just as easily and with the same chemicals, to boot.
Pest Control, Commerce, 706-335-7730
Houseman, Oconee Two recommendations
Athens Exterminating, Smokey Road Two recommendations
Eubanks Pest Control, Commerce, 706-340-5313
American Pest Control, Russ Drake, 706-255-4437

American Pest Control, Athens

Chewing critters: Updating you on the critter that was munching underneath my home. I very strongly recommend Eubanks Pest Control in Commerce, GA. I called James Eubanks and he came over and observed under my home. I'm not sure what he did because he only could tell that something was under there (or maybe he just didn't want me to know exactly what "it" was. Whatever he did worked like a charm because I no longer hear chewing going on under my home. So if he can take care of something like this, then imagine how he can handle the rest of the pests.

  • We use Houseman Pest Control in Watkinsville. They are very easy to work with.

    I use Houseman and like them.

    I was in need recently and went with Houseman. They did a great job and their prices are right. Rodney Huff at Houseman Pest Control 706-769-7826, Competive pricing and the best customer service. Locally owned and operated.

    I will highly recommend Rodney Huff at Houseman Pest Control. Their number is 706-769-7826.

  • I use American Pest Control and have for 7 years. They come to the house and spray inside and out every three months. If you have any problems between times they will come out at no charge.

    We use American Pest Control.

  • We use Arrow Exterminators and they ARE the best! Their prices are lower than those of their competitors and the same service man comes out every time. He knows our house just as well as we do and ALWAYS works around our schedule! Their office staff is super nice and most importantly, they take care of all the little critters! If we see a bug, we can call them and they'll be out the next day to spray again. We got married in our backyard last year and he came and sprayed the yard for the wedding as a gift. I hope you give them a try! We haven't been disappointed at all!
  • I highly recommend Lavender Pest Control. Their exterminators are very friendly and polite, and always call to remind you when they are coming by. Their rates are reasonable, and we have had no trouble with bugs since we started using them years ago. When we had a flea infestation one year, they came out for no charge and sprayed the inside of our house.They made a special notation in their file to not put out granules because we have free-ranging chickens. Very professional, timely, and trustworthy.
  • My husband is self employed, household pest control only, Yarbrough Pest Control. 706-338-0841 You can also view the Dept. of Ag website and they have a list of certified pest control operators.
  • We have been using Athens Exterminating Inc. for many years and we would highly recommend them. Danny Hopkins owns this company and does a lot of the service himself and has around 6 other guys working with him. His office is located at 7080 Smokey Road - Phone 706-546-7438 and he serves several counties close by. We pay him a monthly fee of $24.00 for pest control, and although we have never had termites, he treats our home once a year for $90.00.
  • We love Athens Exterminating--either Don or Chip are our fav bug guys. :)

I use and like Turbo Pest. As a bonus it is a local business.
Contact Steve Lapskie, 706-206-7533 cell phone