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Pet Sitting

2008, 2009
  • An awesome pet sitter to consider is Melodie Gentry 706.340.0461. She has lots of experience
    w/ all sorts of dogs and cats as she works part-time at a vet clinic, and she is kind, responsible
    and honest. She is not transient (i.e. student etc) and is very dependable. I trust her 100%,
    and I do not trust many with my pets :)
  • I have never had to use a pet sitter until last week. I found her through this listserve (through
    her mother). Her name is Adele Meagher and she's an upcoming senior at a local high school.
    Her email is I was impressed by her work. To start with, she came to my
    house TWICE before my trip to make sure she was comfortable with the routine. I have 6 mini
    horses, two cats and two dogs (one dog requires meds twice a day). I did ask her to come once
    but on her own, she wanted to come back and make sure she had it down. She did a great job and
    even texted me each time after she had fed (I asked her to do that because I was nervous leaving
    my babies at home). You can tell she loves animals and is a responsible young lady.


zDog Bakery are good for dogs & cats... bonded.

We LOVE Four Seasons Pet Resort...we use the one in Winterville area, although they also have a
location in Hull. They are super nice out there and really love their borders. Plus, the first
time you go, you get 15% off as a new customer. And if you have two dogs/pets, they will let you
board them in the same run together if you want so they aren't separated or lonely and the runs
are plenty big enough for two dogs. Boarding them together this way also saves even more money
since you aren't paying for two runs. Runs are indoor and outdoor and they provide all the bedding
materials. Rates are very reasonable otherwise. You can also have any grooming done while you are
gone, and they have Sunday pick up hours!

Dee Palmer ( our listserv. does house/pet sitting.

Have boarded three different dogs at 4-Seasons in Winterville and all three have had positive experiences.
One of my dogs hates boarding and they give her lots of extra attention to keep her happy.

I use Pawtropolis, just off the Atlanta Highway. It's especially good if your dog is dog friendly, because
they can spend the day in doggy daycare and nights in a run - or in a deluxe bedroom, if you're rich!

(I had another recommendation for Pawtropolis-but I deleted the comments. All were positive though)