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We have been using Yolanda Payne services for years! She is a public school teacher and a professional photographer. She enjoys what she does and doesn't charge you a lot. Give her a try, you won't be disappointed.

    2009 (specifically, Pregnancy and baby photography recommendations were requsted)
  • Joe Shelley -- I highly recommend talented local UGA Graduate, photographer, good quality photographs, reasonable prices.
    Photographs are unique and not the typical boring photos. He takes graduation shots, engagement photos,
    architectural profiles, design shots, web design, etc. Visit the Web site for his work:
  • I need a photographer who does portraits/head shots (like the kind realtors have in the paper all the
    time) for my dad.
    I highly recommend Blane Marable Photography; he has done lots of work for our office,
    including candid event shots, as well as staff shots for our website. He also does weddings,
    portraits, etc. Blane is GREAT to work with, very personable and agreeable, and his work is
    excellent. I cannot say enough good things about him!
  • Sweet Exposure We've used her twice for family pics.
       Don't know about others locally for pregnancy pictures except Sweet Exposures , but Dwayne Allen also offers 3,6,9,12 month session packages
    If you are looking for less expensive or one time only packages, Sears also does a good job.

    Courtney Cooper Rosen,

  • I highly highly recommend Julie Moon Photography!! She does excellent work - her website is simply
  • I can recommend Blane Marable; he does good work and is great to work with! His email address is
  • Frankie Wylie has done this before and is a great photographer.

    I think their photography is beautiful on their website:
    Once you get to the site, click on Portraits. Then you can choose maternity, infants, etc. I didn't
    even look at their prices and have no clue how they compare to others but I really like the photography and
    their ideas.

  • Please see Trina Riggott website

    Trina Riggott is awesome!

  • I know a woman named Julie Moon who does this. You can see her site at: She is fabulous
  • Contact Pat Nielsen at Full Bloom. She worked for years as a delivery nurse, then as a pregnancy and early
    life trainer at Athens Regional. She has been honing her skills as a photographer through all of those jobs,
    and her photos of pregnant moms and infants are astounding. Full Bloom is her new business.
  • Absolutely recommend Lauren Elizabeth McClure Forester (her company name is Lauren Elizabeth) at McClure Studios on Prince…but
    be forwarned, she is very pricey…but pictures are gorgeous! She does pregnancy and newborn photography only…usually in B/W.
    Her father, Dan McClure takes it from there and offers packages for 3,6,9, 12 month sessions. Their studio is great…but
    like I said Lauren is pricey…Dan is more reasonable and compares to others offering similar packages, especially if you
    just prepay for a package deal.
  • I know a great photographer! He has experience with babies, and is here in Athens. His website is
    is (706) 308-7603. He is my fiancé, but I promise the recommendation is based on his merits, not my love of him.
  • Dwayne Allen Studios
  • This guy is fantastic! Here is the website:
    I highly recommend Shannon Bailey. She took newborn portraits of my now 5 month old - they are stunning!
    Check out her site at