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Plumber (20012,09,08,07 below)

I recently used Athens Plumbing ( (706-543-1497) for a water leak underneath my house -- the first to respond to my emergency call at 7am, sent two plumbers out directly, who worked for 2 hrs (approx) and charged me $263 (incl. materials), which I found to be as reasonable as anybody could expect for the service(s) provided! I highly recommend them and if you use them, just because I am thankful that they are in business, please tell them that I referred you to them -- and thank them millions for me!!! They are located at 380 Nantahala Avenue (and I am located in Madison County -- so they did some travelling to accommodate my SOS call! )
  • Jonathan Seay at 706-540-9518. I don't know how he is with cats but he sure knows his pipes. Our
    regular plumber (Jonathan Strait) was out of town so we ended up calling Mr. Seay.
    He was great! Prompt, professional, and gave my Mom a senior citizen's discount and a free coffee mug.
  • Jonathan Strait's number is 706-654-6633...I highly recommend him! :)
       over the weekend, my washer backflowed while draining. So, I've called Armor Plumbing to roto-root
       this afternoon. If anyone thinks this is a horrible idea, please let me know!

    "[Saw] your message about Jonathan Strait's number not being viable. I'm not sure what happened when you tried to contact
    him, but I'm sure his number is still working. His cell number is 706-654-6633. If you still need a plumber, I'm sure he
    would be happy to help. He is a state licensed and insured plumber, and he also does renovations and updates." In my case,
    I had tried the number both with and without a 1 in front and got the weird phone noise. Neither way gave the message that
    it was in a location where I needed to dial 1, which is usually what happens for non-long-distance but outside the Athens
    area numbers. After receiving the message above, I re-tried it with the 1 and was connected.

  • The absolute BEST help: "I don't have an answer to your query (I hope you'll post results, since I could use some plumbing work myself),
    but I thought you might want to know that if you have an outside access point, the Athens-Clarke Water Dept. can
    rotoroot pipes that connect to the main sewage line that usually under the street. So if you think your problem
    is between your house and the main line, you might not have to pay anyone."
    In my case, I could see that the water was flowing out of my house and knew that my water line to the meter is
    fairly new, thus posing the possibility that it was in the city line. It had occurred to me to call A-CC, but I was
    afraid that it would be days before they could come and I didn't want to live barely using water for days. I was
    completely wrong and by calling them, I likely saved$100 plus or minus. They came within 30 minutes, checked out
    the nearest main to my house and found nothing, then ran a long line from my outside drain more than 90 feet toward
    and under the street before they found the blockage. Another A-CC employee who, because of their 12-hour shift rotation,
    is coming tomorrow with a camera to scope out the line and see if there is a problem underneath the street. Thank-you,
    thank-you, thank-you!
  • "My mom just the other day mentioned using Armor a couple of times and she's been very pleased with them." In my case, I
    called Armor Plumbing; they planned to come out directly after lunch and said they'd call me around lunchtime to let me
    know approximately when they'd come. A few minutes before noon, just as A-CC Water & Sewer was putting things away in
    the truck and before I could get to a phone to cancel their appointment, Armor called to tell me they'd come right after
    lunch. They were helpful, efficient, and gracious about making and canceling the appointment. If I ever need these services
    again, I definitely will try them
  • "Kevin Schulhan is a great plumber. Meticulous work at fair prices. I know he is licensed; you would have to ask him about
    insurance. His number is 706-255-4333."
  • "Try Mike Nunn - 706-207-3337 - he works for Physical Plant - if he can't do it, he'll recommend somebody."
  • "I highly recommend Wayne Lewis of Lewis Plumbing - I have used him for 20+ years."
  • "Athens Plumbing is fantastic. When they fix something, it stays fixed. I've been in my house 12 years and they've fixed
    everything I couldn't. Owned by the Bennetts." In my case, I had a bad experience with Athens Plumbing a long while ago
    and have not been willing to try them again.
  • I just used Jonathan Strait (706-654-6633) to replumb my entire house. I have been extremely pleased with his work.
    Any contractor can come in and quote a price for exactly what you ask, and then do it. Jonathan was able to point out several
    things that would be cheaper to do at the same time. He was also very flexible about coming to do parts of the job depending on
    when other contractors finished their work. When my electricians couldn't work because the earth basement flooded, he came by and
    hooked up a sump pump so they could work. When he saw my roll of vapor barrier sitting in the basement, he went ahead and spread
    it out for me. This is the work of a conscientious man who takes pride in his work. Jonathan has 25+ years of experience working
    in plumbing, doing residential and commercial, new construction and renovations. Jonathan wasn't the cheapest quote I got, but I have
    not regretted the extra cost one bit. In case it's not clear, I highly recommend him. :)

    I used Jonathan Strait, and highly recommend him. He went above and beyond to understand my needs, and help me understand some things
    I should have taken into consideration (BEFORE it was too late). :) His bid was not the cheapest (nor the highest) one I received but I've
    never regretted using him (you get what you pay for)... 706-654-6633

  • Wesley Bridges, UGA employee
  • Nelson Callaway, UGA employee
  • Walter Dove, 706-548-2004 (semi-retired plumber - does more remodeling, handy-man
    plumbing jobs - not new construction)
  • Kyle Fitzpatrick, UGA employee
  • Eric Mattox, from Colbert 706-788-3182
  • Conolus Scott, Sr. 706 789-3732 (Father/Son Team from Ila) Conolus Scott, Jr. 706 789-3336

  • I was looking into having a cutoff and a pressure reducing valve installed on the main water line to my house. These are the responses I got:
    I had to have one put on my house last year and I think it was All American Pluming that I used.
    They were the most reasonablly priced and did a great job. 548-4257

    Tommy Graddy has been working with a family owned business for years but is now licensed and
    branching out on his own. His number is (706) 614-9457.

    I would call the plumbing shop here on campus and ask who does work on the side!

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    Plumbers (2005)

    mark bone, 372.3220, I just remodeled a house and he re-did all the plumbing and did a great job

    I highly recommend Lewis Plumbing. Mr. Lewis has been our plumber for over 14 years now. He provides excellent service at a reasonable price. His number is 354-7945.
    If you want a plumber, Wayne Lewis is about the best there is. Honest and dependable, reasonable and just a nice guy all around. Lewis Plumbing 354-7945
    Our Plumber in Mr. Wayne Lewis (354-7945). He is very skilled and knowledgeable, his prices are fair and he is punctual. We would use no other plumber.

    I've used Rocky Harrison plumbing for at least 10 years, and they've always done a great job for me, often for less than I expected to pay. Plus, they send me Christmas cards. :-) I can recommend them without reservation.

    Jeff Yarbrough --706-296-6960 Just let him know that George Veeder referred him. No kick backs, just a friend.

    I've always used Carson Plumbing. They are expensive (by the hour) but very good.
    Carson Plumbing. They just did our whole house did a great job showed up when they said they would and were very neat in the cleanup. Price was also very good.

    Northeast Georgia Plumbing:R.J. Conley, 706.793.2294 or Jeff Hendricks, 706.338.4568

    I recommend Larry Bridges of Bridges Plumbing!

    Recently we had some plumbing and electrical work done. The guys are from Hart County but they do work in the Athens area all the time. They were great and a lot more reasonable than other people that we had quotes from. The name of the business is Mr. Fix It. Their names are Mike and Don. Phone # 706-245-4044 or you can call Mike's pager and put in your phone number and he is usually very good about turning around and calling back. Pager number is 706-245-2445.

    Add Johnson's Heating and air, Electrical and Plumbing to the list. This guy has a lot of experience and is very competitively priced. (706) 338-2264

    Tap Bennett at Athens Plumbing Company

    Rocky Harrison is an awesome and very honest plumber!!!!!!!!! You can reach him at 706-769-3050

    Rusty Hembree - 254-1659

    Stacy Chandler in Ila does that kind of work on the side and also so does Mike Archer. I think that they are both listed in the phone book under Ila or either Danielsville.

    Eric Mattox - he is my brother in law - very reasonable and honest man. 706/788-3182 or cell 706/380-4488.

    Contact Gerald Payne at 742-2407....or cell 340-7954, he is good and priced right. I use him for all my heating, plumbing, AC, electrical, refrigeration etc.......... Tell him Bruce referred you