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Pressure washing

  • I have used Richard Jenkins and he is really good and reasonably priced.
    He works 2nd shift at the Georgia Center and does this and remodeling on the side.
  • My husband, Jim, is a painter & has a pressure washer. I am sure that
    he would be glad to talk to you regarding your home! "Jim Kautz
    Painting" & his cell phone is 706-424-4987.
  • Tom Edge with TDE, Inc. Construction & Painting 706-714-1233 Very sweet man, did an
    excellent job for a reasonable price, and even sends me a Christmas card every year
  • My son who has a construction and restoration company does a fantastic job.
    Clint Chapman 706-207-9912
  • I use Extreme Pressure Washing and they have always been very good.
  • I recommend LD Services for any type of home-related services. Their number is
    770-851-0880; you can ask for Dar or Lukas.
  • My husband does pressure washing. Ken Millett(owner of Millett Paint,Inc) He does
    custom painting and will do pressure washing alone. (706)207-6120
  • I used Tom Edge and he is reasonably priced, efficient and a really nice man.
  • Drew Bray - 706-215-4514
  • Tom Edge with TDE, Inc. Construction & Painting 706-714-1233
  • Jason Towe 706-207-3387