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Best Produce

  • Aldi is the cheapest place in town for produce, I am careful of selection but I am eating blueberries and strawberries from there now and they are yummy Although they don't carry a huge variety

    I really like the produce at Aldi. What I've bought is always fresh and the prices are great. For example, this week they have heads of lettuce and tomatoes on the vine (usually 3-4 per pack) for .69 ea.

    I like Aldi--and most of the produce is from the US

    I found Aldi a bit off-putting, rather limited in selection (produce, dairy, and meat), but with very good prices. You should check them out as well: they may meet your grocery needs. They just didn't work for me.

    I have not tried Aldi's because they violate the Americans with Disabilities Act (the shopping cart nonsense) and I won't give them my money, but I walked through it with my daughter and she remarked at what garbage they had, and how they were trying to be like a Sam's club.

    Though their produce is often riper than I prefer, their prices are over the moon! Avocados: 49 cents! Blueberries: 99 cents/pt.! Strawberries 99 cents/pt. So they're definitely worth a look.... just sayin'....

  • I bought already sliced cantaloupe and pineapple (not organic I think though) in containers cheaper and ooooooh so much fresher at Earth Fare this past weekend than I can get at Ingles. I like to keep it on hand for company especially on the weekend and usually get a container at Ingles but lately it hasn't looked too good and is so dang high. Was pleasantly surprised to find it at Earth Fare for cheaper. I think they have the best selection and freshest selection though definitely NOT the cheapest for the most part because it is organic. But even like Silk and frozen stuff and bread was as cheaper cheaper than Ingles.

  • I find Earth Fare's produce to sometimes be equivalent in price to Kroger and Publix but most of the time it's too high for me. And I focus on organics in my milk products (Milk, half and half, yogurt) and in other areas where there is not such a huge % price increase which means that most of their produce which is organic is too high for me.

  • Ingles is a step up. Since my recent move to the eastside, I have missed Ingles in Hull, they had a nice selection of produce...

    I like Ingles or TraderJoes

  • I've generally found the quality of Kroger's produce the best.

    Kroger is best on eastside.

    I agree, I love Kroger's produce. They get my vote.

    I too am a big fan of Kroger's produce. Please note that the selection variesfrom Kroger location to Kroger location. I find the best variety of produce at the Alps Kroger. The eastside and one by Trader Joes' don't have as good of a selection.

    Kroger eastside has also seen better days. Perhaps the Kroger on Alps has good produce (I have been there maybe once). The Oconee Kroger has very good produce but a bit higher in cost than Walmart.

    As a fellow Eastsider, I second Kroger, also agree Alps is even a bit better. Good quality AND prices.

    I find Alps Kroger to be good for product but too chaotic for me. I liked the Kroger on the eastside for produce but I found in comparison that Publix eastside had better produce, but I am very price sensitive so I would buy at both. Now I live on the Westside and I shop at the Epps bridge Kroger for produce (and pharmacy!!! They rule) and the Atlanta Highway Publix for milk/half and half and meat. Marge in customer service at Epps Bridge Kroger, and Justin in produce, will about stand on their heads to make people happy. They are truly amazing people. I hate that they are so far from the eastside though.

  • Publix has good produce, but they are pricey.

    I am a very faithful Kroger shopper, but I'll have to admit….I have absolutely fallen in love with Publix's produce section! They have a lot more options than Kroger and everything always taste so fresh!

    Publix (all of them) have excellent produce but far higher in cost than Walmart.

    Publix has great produce.

    I liked the Kroger on the eastside for produce but I found in comparison thatPublix eastside had better produce, but I am very price sensitive so I would buy at both. Now I live on the Westside and I shop at the Epps bridge Kroger for produce and the Atlanta Highway Publix for milk/half and half and meat.

  • Sam's club has good produce in general but we only have two people in our house so their large sized packages are not an option. Sams does have the cheapest Jarlsburg in town.

  • I like Ingles or TraderJoes

    While I'm a HUGE fan of TJs, I tend to use them for staples and frozen fruit; I don't find their produce (with the exception of the basil and heirloom tomato mix) that great.

    Trader Joe's is very much a niche market. One could not really buy a week's worth of groceries without going to another store for common items they do not stock. Their produce selection is fine quality-wise but fairly limited. What they do stock is quite unusual and very well-priced. Youshould go there and see what they have: it is a unique and fun store.

    I agree that Trader Joe's produce is lacking and I too use it only for some staples, things I cannot easily get other places.

    For great produce at a reasonable price, we go to Trader Joes.

  • Try the Oconee County Wal-Mart. Plus it's near a Kroger and also Trader Joe's is across the street if you don't find produce to your liking at Wal-Mart.

    I have not been to the Walmart eastside in years, but from what I have heard the management of it is poor. Walmart westside (in Oconee Co.) is far better managed and their produce is excellent.

    The W-M Eastside is the pits! The Wal-Mart in Oconee is the best around here for cheap prices and good produce.

  • If you have a family or are busy, you may want to check Viking Produce. They offer free delivery!

  • Your real best bet, although it's a bit of a drive, is to venture out to Gwinnett to one of the Korean superstores (H Mart, Mega Mart). These are enormous, have an amazing selection of produce, and their prices are ridiculously low. I've bought both giant, beautiful organic apples and beets for 69 cents a pound. Definitely costs you in gas and time but probably worth it.

  • J & J Flea Market. They have a lovely produce market with a nice variety of fruits and vegetable. Prices are excellent compared to thegrocers and local farmer's markets.

  • I have been going to a produce stand in Winterville. He is only open on the weekends but the watermelon and the cantaloupe I have gotten from him have been wonderful. As for Aldi, I have gotten stuff there too and have been pleasedwith it and the price.

  • Do you know about that little Farmer's Market that opened up recently on Gaines School? It's by the elementary school and across the street from the Dept of Natural resources…

    Wednesdays and Fridays on Gaines School Rd. (old Charmar location) from 4 - 7pm they have a small Farmer's Market - things are winding down for the summer, but in the past I got some great figs, yellow squash, zucchini, cantaloupe, peppers, tomatoes etc...

  • But, if you DO want a road trip, Jaemor Farms at Lula on Hwy 365 has the best produce and fruit - - and with fall coming on, gourds and decorative corn, etc.

  • Super fresh, high quality produce can be found at the Athens Farmers' Market, Saturdays at Bishop Park from 8 -12, and Wednesdays at City Hall from 4 - 7.

  • Watkinsville Farmers Mkt on Saturday mornings (Main St. Watkinsville) has had some greatproduce, plus bakery goods, empanadas and more. Worth checking out. Again, summer is winding down but there should be some cool weather crops before too long (we hope!).

  • I can't say enough good things about Athens Locally Grown, managed by Eric Wagoner. From the website: Athens Locally Grown is a group of nearly a hundred small farms and gardeners located around Athens, Georgia. Each grower farms his/her land using strict standards to ensure that everything produced is chemical-free. All member farms are dedicated to supplying their customers with the freshest and highest quality vegetables, herbs, mill products, dairy, eggs, meats, fruits, flowers, and transplants. Participating farms vary in size and specialty, but all carry the common thread of dedication to community, environment, health and education. While not a true cooperative, Athens Locally Grown uses cooperative efforts to achieve steady and dependable means of supplying the highest quality produce and other products. Locally Grown works to find new and innovative methods to preserve greenspace, protect our natural resources, support our local economy, provide meaningful work, and return to a more self-sufficient community life. Each farmer realizes the importance of educating the community about the benefits of sustainable agriculture practices to our lives and our land. Locally Grown member farms often dedicate a portion of their personal time to building gardens for their local communities as well as providing fun and informative educational programs for children and adults, including those with special needs. More at: