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Personal Trainers

  • Tony Gasparro at Fitness @ Five in Five Points. He is super reasonable and Fitness @ Five is a fabulous place to work out. Pretty sure you can just workout with him and not join the gym. I have worked with Tony twice a week since last Thanksgiving, and I still am even at 7 months pregnant. He works wonders. Let me know if you have any other questions I can answer!
  • Corinne Garbe is a great personal trainer. Her number is 7067143627. I am not 100% what her rates are, but she is pretty reasonable.
  • Corrinne Garbe is fabulous. She a banker by day and teaches classes at St. Mary's Wellness Center evenings and weekends but offers training offsite (which is much cheaper than if you pay her through the gym.) $35 for an hour. She listens to what you want to work on and pushes you to exceed what you think you can do. I have seen amazing results in both my physical appearance and strength since I started working with her last summer. We meet every two to three weeks. Her email is
  • Kerry Dudley call or text him at 706-614-5834
  • Ashley Housworth
  • I would recommend Michael Butzken at Athens Personal Fitness. The gym specializes in personal training only. If you purchase 24 or more sessions, they are only $30 per session which lasts an hour long (unlike most other training sessions). They allowed me to pay for sessions on a monthly basis instead of all at once. I really like working out with Michael. He is very personable and good at what he does. I have lost 30+ pounds since I started working out with him in late April. I would have lost more, but I could not get my diet under control. They also provide nutritional counseling for free along with the training. They are located on Broad St right pass the Omni heading towards Atlanta Hwy.
  • Russ Hodsdon he is a certified personal trainer and just graduated from UGA with a degree in Health and Physical Education. His number is 706-255-2118 and his email is
  • Michael owns a Xtreme Fit. People say he is very affordable. Give him a call at 706-201-4210. His Gym is on Hog Mtn, Rd.
  • Tania Yelton, a AAFA cert personal trainer. Been in the fitness industry for over 12 years. Please feel free to contact at or (706)206-0026.
  • I decided to check out James at Athens Personal Fitness-He's a super nice guy, and both the gym and
    the training rates are reasonable. (So far as these things go.) Nutritional counseling is also
  • Two enthusiastic responses for Jerome Biggers at
  • Lisa Knighton has classes in different areas of fitness
    plus personal training.
  • There is a guy - Chris who works at the YWCO, but you can work with him without joining. He is really good.
    His cell is 706-340-3969.
  • Kevin Bailey works out of St. Mary's and was recommended by my doctor: 706 201-5954.
  • Dani Dembrak or Maria Carrelli at Total Training on Chase St. 706-316-9000
  • If you join Team In Training you'll be receive coaching up to the marathon:
  • Sarah is a trainer with a diverse mix of styles who will work with you on price:Sarah R. McNeill, University of Georgia School of Law
    PH: 706-542-5182,
  • Three recommendations for the Ramsey Center, including the information below:
    I oversee the personal training program here at the Ramsey Center. I am not sure if you are a member to Ramsey
    or not but we offer the lowest personal training prices in Athens compared to BodyPlex and Omni. Personal training
    information is located at the following link.
    We have biographies for each of our trainers at this link :
    I would be more than happy to discuss your goals to help you select a trainer that is of best fit to you. We can do this by
    appointment, on the phone or via email if you are interested.