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    Animal Removal I used AWL They are very good, I think.
  • we used Animals B Gone and were satisfied. We've not heard any critters in our attic since (squirrels). Be forewarned, however, it is not a cheap process to keep them out long-term.
  • Hi. I had squirrels in my attic and we didn't call anyone. Instead we found the holes where they were getting in and sealed them up and bought a trap and baited it with peanut butter. I caught 2 squirrels that way. The trap worked great. We didn't have any trouble after that. The trap was a Havahart professional live animal traps: Good luck, though!
  • Be very careful. We had a snake in the house. We had to pay up front and they never found the snake and we still had to pay the price which was over $250.00 for nothing.
  • No recs for you, but my parents (in northwest GA) have this same problem - well, they KNOW it's squirrels - and they have done multiple things to try to eradicate them. FYI, the clicker/whining noisemakers don't seem to work, cutting down trees next to the house didn't work, and patching up as many holes as they could find didn't seem to keep them away. I am guessing their old chimneys are partially or fully to blame - the fireplaces are closed off (because the house & chimneys are 150 years old) but the chimneys probably have cracks & holes in them that they are getting in through. Hopefully for you the pest removal folks with be able to get rid of the critters & give you good tips for keeping them out!
  • I had bats living in a house I own, and I used Animals B Gone. Shane Moss was very knowledgeable and professional. I thought the price was reasonable considering all they did, and I have a warranty, if the bats come back, they will remove them free of cost. Good Luck
  • I don't remember the name of the pest control service that tried to set traps to catch squirrels that were doing the same thing at my house. It drove me nuts! It also did not work!! I finally had someone add vinyl boxing so the squirrels were no longer able to grip under the eaves of the house. It's been okay for a couple of years now.. You may want to talk to a contractor??