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Here are the recs I received for Athens:

Dr. William Chafin
Dr. Marta Bogner

    rheumatologist (2010)

  • I wonder if any of Dr. Linker's patients are on the
    not being able to practice anymore (or at least for a
    long while). I wonder how his surgery went for
    his brain tumor, if you know, write me off list and
    update us. In the meantime my hubby is in desperate
    need of another rheumatology specialist as close to
    Athens as possible that will accept the PPO insurance.
    Just wondering if anybody else has come up with any
    less than 50 miles away. We're not having any luck. :(

  • On 10/11/2010 4:25 PM:
    Got lots of great replies, thank y'all so much!
    I found out that Dr. Marta Bognar (in Gainesville)
    is coming to Athens on a very limited and very
    temporary basis to meet Dr. Linker's patients.
    They will be seeing her until further notice about
    Dr. Linker (still don't know how he's doing) if
    they choose. So called 770-531-3711 and got
    an Athens appt. w/Dr. Bognar in mid-November
    (accepts PPO) so hubby can decide if he wants
    to drive to Gainesville in the future (got several
    positive and 1 negative response for her). We
    also will consider Dr. Nicholas Tiliakos at North
    Georgia Rheumatology in Lawrenceville who
    got multiple positive responses. There was also
    a response about a great doctor at North Atlanta
    Hospital (who may not accept the PPO plan) but
    I'm not sure the name. Thanks again for all the
    great replies and especially the heads up about
    Dr. Bognar coming to Athens temporarily!! :)

  • I am a patient of Dr. Bognar. She also accepts the HMO

  • Dr. Sylvia Dold in Gainesville is wonderful and her ad
    in yesterday's paper said they were taking new patients.