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Home Safe Storage

  • I have one of those little ones that I have had for about 10 years and it has been great. At one time I did buy one of those bigger safes made by Sentry that is only about 2ft high and 3 feet wide.(guessing). We paid a little over a $100 for it then and it has a key and combination. I think Lowe's still sells them. That safe ended up making all of my documents smell. It made some of the old coin holders mildew. I called the company and they sent something to put in there to help with the moisture. Did not work, so we ended up giving it away. I would love to have a new one but I don't know what kind is a bargain.
  • I do have a Sentry 2 drawer safe in my office for our cash and tickets. They are great but they cost over $500.00.
  • Some of the small fire/waterproof safes come with kits to anchor it to the floor and/or wall. That way, it is not easy for a thief to just pick it up and run out with it. This might be your cheapest option.
  • One thing to keep in mind is what are you going to be keeping in it? I learned recently in a fire class that there are different fireproof safes. Most are fireproof for our paper documents, and they are designed to get no hotter than 420-440F. But if you are going to be storing digital media in there (CDs, harddrives, etc.), you need one that's designed to protect against even lower temps, as things such as CDs burn at a MUCH lower temp (they can melt in your car in the summer, so I'm wanting to say around 120F).
  • Also, a lot of the smaller safes you'll find on store shelves have a feature that allows you to screw it into your floor, and it can't be unscrewed unless the safe is unlocked and open. It works great if you plan on keeping the safe in a closet or someplace similar.
  • There are small fireproof safes that you can have bolted into your floor.
  • I bought one at Walmart and Sams. The do have the ones you can bolt to the floor....