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Sanitation Companies
  • I'll add F4 Sanitation to that list. I've never had a problem with them. They are local and have worked with me when I moved, even have come down my driveway when I forgot to put the trash out and made an extra trip once when I forgot again. Great guy Bret Fowler is the owner and I think his wife works on campus! :) Oh and remember Bill Fox from Automotive Center? He's part of the company, too. Oh my goodness, that guy is a hoot!! :)

    I agree with DeAnna - good folks!!! Great service!!! :

    F4 has NEVER missed a pickup day in the eight years we have used their services (can't say the same for myself). Highly recommended business.

    We recommend F4 Sanitation also! Those are great people!

    We have used F4 Sanitation for many years, and I also can highly recommend their service. By the way, they offer recycling at no extra charge, and they even supply the recycling bin. A wonderful company with the best people!

    I too have used F4 for years-with NEVER a problem!

    Same with me, used them for years and no problems with F4!

    I like F-4 too!

    Add my vote for F4. We've been customers since the 80's.

    I had problems with F4 in my previous home

  • Curbside Sanitation (

    I use Curbside Services. They are a family company, have reasonable prices, go out of their way for the customer, are very environmentally conscious and very reliable and dependable. Highly recommend them and if you do go with them, please tell them I recommended them to you!

    Been using Curbside for years. They are a smaller, family owned company so I feel like I get better service than anyone I've ever used in Athens (over 17 years, I've tried many of the big companies).

    We have used curbside for many years and they are extremely reliable and the cost has been very competitive. They are also a local business and family owned. I do not know any of the owners personally, but have been pleased with their business.

    We use Curbside and have had no problems. I like that it's a small, locally owned company.

    We use Curbside Services, never had any problems with them. The office staff is nice, courteous and organized. I think we pay $69 a quarter for the largest size trash can and recycling pickup

    Curbside is WONDERFUL

    Curbside is great! In 5 years they've never missed a pickup. Their customer service is excellent too.

    Curbside hands down. Local family owned professional amazing people reasonable price contributes to the community, I have had all 3 but not republic and no way I would use anyone else. Jennifer the owner is committed to her customers and the community

    All the houses in our subdivision (in Oconee) uses Curbside. We've used them for 5 years, and they've never missed one pickup. Our pickup day is Monday and they even come on MLK Day, Memorial Day, Labor Day, etc. They are locally owned and take recycling as well

    Curbside Services is a local, family-owned business and has never missed a pick-up in many years of service. They are very customer friendly and I can't recommend them highly enough. Prices are great, too.

  • AAA Sanitation ( Very happy with AAA

  • Waste Pro (
    Never had any issues with Waste Pro, but they up the cost every billing cycle by a few bucks.

    I use Waste Pro but I would not recommend them only because they make you sign a 3 or 4 year contract. Other than that I have not had many problems but to me that is a huge turn off.

  • Republic 678-962-2800 Republic is the best. I had AAA (which several times "forgot" to pick up our trash), WastePro (who keeps increasing prices) and now Republic which service is great, customer service is good, the provide a huge Recycling Container, and price is cheaper than all the other ones

    I switched from Curbside to Republic about a year ago. Curbside did good work, but Republic was about half the price