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Scary Movies
*Night of the Living Dead
*Bad Moon
*Timber Falls
*A Nightmare on Elm Street
*I know what you did last summer
*Scream II
*Stir of Echo's
*Alice Sweet Alice
*The new version of The Last
  House on the Left
*Darkness Falls
*The Shining
*1408 *The Reaping
*The Grudge
*White Noise
*Rose Red
*Salem's Lot
*The Unborn
*The Messengers
*An American Haunting
*Exorcism of Emily Rose
*Childs Play
*13 Ghost
*The Descent
*The black and white version of
  The Haunting
  starring Julie Harris
*Prince of Darkness
*Dead Birds
*Attack of the Killer Tomatoes
*The Blob was awesome (original)
*The Fog
*Rosemary's Baby
*Hitchcock's Psycho
*The Birds
*The Exorcist
*Salem's Lot (the classic version)
*Dark Night of the Scarecrow
*The Hand (Michael Caine)
*The Ring
*The Tingler with Vincent Price
*The Hitcher (1987)
*The Omen and its sequels