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Several weeks ago I asked about cell phones for seniors, specifically about the Jitterbug.
Several people responded and said they had a relative/friend who had that phone and
liked it; so, I called for prices. I'm not the best bargain hunter, so you may be
able to find something I didn't, but prices I found (see below) were higher than we
planned to pay. Since my husband and I have our cell service through AT&T, I checked
to see if they had a comparable phone. Well, not really, but they sell the Pantech
Breeze that they recommend for seniors. Reviews rated it fairly well (8 of 10 I think),
and since we could add a third line to our current plan for $10/month we decided to try
it - if it didn't work out we could cancel the service w/in 30 days - couldn't return
the phone, but wouldn't be committed to 2 year contract if cancelled w/in 30 days.
Bought phone through UGA AT&T rep (Lynn Tweedell -- had to order it, didn't find
anyone in Athens who carries it yet!)

I like the phone; I think the call quality is noticeably better than my phone
(Nokia 6102i ?). However, it is NOT as simple as the Jitterbug - for almost two
weeks I was afraid my father-in-law would not be able to use it. Some of the
problems were:

1). The ring volume is not extremely high, but on its loudest
setting he can just hear it well enough to identify the sound as the phone.

By the time he got the phone opened it had quit ringing--but I called customer
service and they were able to extend the ring time to 30 seconds, max.
That's barely long enough, longer would be better--he has a slight tremor
and by the time he gets the phone out of the case and opens it up the durn
thing has quit ringing about 50% of the time, but for our purposes (mainly
emergency use) this is acceptable; he can make calls with it.

The phone is not ideal for seniors (e.g., the battery icon is small and hard
for him to find, some of the key labels are small and make no sense to him,
connecting the charger is difficult because of his tremor, et c .), but,
overall, we've decided it will do.

Jitterbug: Prices I found are ~$149; $35 activation fee; $15/mo for 30 minutes
that roll over for 90 days, or $20 for 60 minutes - didn't check beyond that.
Two style phones, I believe one style only has 3 buttons, no keypad -- company
has to program keys. But, apparently the call quality is quite good.