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Septic Tank Service

  • We had a very bad experience with the Superior Services, I would not recommend them,
  • We used Super Septic or something like that, and the guy sells service you don't need and way over charges.
  • We use Richard Barrett DBA Darrell Allen Septic Tank 706/207-7077……..about 3 months ago, my son used him the next week, we were very pleased with his work.
  • Darrell and Martha Allen came the same day I called them and fixed our problem for less than I would have done the work for!
  • Daryl or Harald Allen.

    I asked this question back in June, and several people responded. I included their responses here. We went with Darrell Allen with the Honeywagon, and had a very good experience. I think it was $350 or so.

    Darrell Allen

    We use Richard Barrett DBA as Darrell Allen Septic Tank (he bought the business from him, kept the name) We’ve used him twice, he has done my son’s, very reliable his phone # is 706/207-7077 We use the Allen brothers. They are reasonable and prompt and they are also celebrities:

    We had the need for a septic system pump. Due to positive recommendations on the UGA list I called Martha and Darrell Allen. Our experience with them was so positive I wanted to add my recommendation of them and their services to the list. When I called Mr. Allen's cell phone at 8 am Mrs. Allen answered. Mrs. Allen proceeded to ask the necessary questions and told me they would come out to our house between 2 and 3 pm as they were already on site at another job. They arrived at 2:30 pm as promised. It was about to pour down rain, or we thought judging by the dark clouds and wind, so we waited for about 30-40 minutes before they started work to see what the weather was going to do. During the wait as we were talking to Mr. and Mrs. Allen it became clear that they work hard and are good people. They finished around 8 pm that night. Mr. Allen found a couple of other issues that needed attention in addition to the full pump of our system and he took care of them while he was there. While not cheap, the price we paid was less than I would have done the same work for! When Mr. Allen climbed down INTO our septic tank I looked at my husband and said that whatever they charge he earned every penny by working INSIDE the tank to fix a busted t-joint. If we have another need for their services I would not hesitate to call them. Hard working honest people are jewels that I'm very thankful for. I wanted to share our positive experience with this company in case others are in need of their services.

  • HI, I recently used Athens Plumbing, 706.543.1497. They were nice, came on time, did what they needed to do and were done. I thought the price was reasonable, but I don't really have enough experience with this to evaluate that aspect.

    I just had Athens Plumbing (706.543.1497) come in April and they were very good. They were on time, quick, friendly and, to the best of my knowledge, did a good job. The total bill was $420, but that included some sort of flushing the lines or something.

  • We just had Super Septic come out to our house yesterday because our alarm went off. They gave us a free estimate and were very informative/helpful. They dug a large hole to access our pump and unclogged the immediate area so the alarm wouldn't go off anytime soon. Basically we need a new pump and it should run about $1300 for medium grade including installation.
  • I used Athens Professional Septic service last fall. They were very good, thorough, and on time. The fee was about $400, as best I can recall. 706-207-3739 A few of my neighbors have also used them, no complaints at all. They take a lot of care of the lawn, putting it back as good as new, don't track mud and dirt (or worse) around, and are very polite. I have used other septic services in other towns, these people are far, far better than any I have seen before. I never thought I would be so enthusiastic about poop pumpers, but really, they were good!
  • Walls septic in Monroe
  • Jeff Burkhalter septic came out on Memorial day and help me out of a real bind. He did a great job and was less expensive than the company I previously used (the company I used before went out of business a couple years ago). He charged $465 but that was the holiday rate so it was more expensive than it normally is. He drained our septic tank and did a few other things. I highly recommend them.
  • Price's Septic Tank - 706-789-3263 in Madison County
    Number to call: 678-988-7078 This guy is fast clean and awesome Ian Simmons
    He's a great guy!
  • I just recently had Chambers come out and pump mine.. and they were prompt and told me anytime
    day or night to call and they would come out. I was satisfied with their service. Their
    number is 706-215-2526 The guy that should answer is Phillip.
  • Darrel and Martha Allen, 706.353.1919, Sweet People who always do a good job.
  • Harold Allen 706-353-1351. Their slogan is "you dump, we pump"!! !We've used them.
  • Mr. Bob Fitzpatrick, 706-308-7633, Excellent work, honest man, reasonable price. Stays quite
    busy, though,so he may be hard to reach.