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Sewing Machine Service

  • James Mathis, (706) 335 - 5875, 937 Woods Bridge Road, Commerce, GA 30529
  • Check with Dragonfly, they have a machine service there, I've never used it but it is the owner's husband who does the work.
  • Several years ago I took a sewing machine I bought from someone for my daughter to the vacuum cleaner place on the Atlanta Highway (I'd have to look up the name). He had a gentleman who came and picked up the machine, serviced it and brought it back to the store. If I'm not mistaken, I think he charged $50.
  • The singer shop on Atlanta Hwy - I have used them and they have been great. Singer Service or something like that. Also, I saw a sign at Hancock the other day that said they repair, though that probably means they take them in and send them over to someone somewhere to service.
  • I had my circa 1970s JCPenney mechanical sewing machine serviced at Singer Sewing Machine Repair & Sales a while back and they did a fine job. They are located in the on Atlanta Hwy, same shopping center as Academy Sports. I hope this is helpful!
  • The Singer store in the same shopping center as Academy Sports. They do excellent work!
  • I believe Singer service Brothers; they use to be located where the old Target's use to be, good luck. I spoke to the gentleman at Singer Store and the repair for an embroidery (mine's a combo) machine was $149!