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Tax Service Recommendations that I got so far from UGASTAFF:

Two lists: 2008, 2010
  • May I suggest that you try Turbo Tax; it's really great and costs close to $70 for federal and local tax filing. Done online; you could do it yourself. I just completed my mom's taxes - she itemizes. It was really good.
  • H & R Block North Avenue 706-543-3389 Ask for Liz or either Brandon and they will do you a good deal. They have a special that they are running right now to where if you file your taxes with them they file your Federal Return for FREE all you have to pay is $29 to get your Georgia return completed. The cool thing about it is that Liz also speaks several other languages with Spanish being one of them. Just give one of them a call and tell them that Beth Burns sent you and they will take care of you.
  • As an employee of UGA you can make an appointment at the Georgia Federal Credit Union for free tax advice. They may have recommendations for a lawyer if you need one. They are located at Five Points across from EarthFare and Add Drug Store. You can Google them for contact information.
  • If your return is not extremely complicated I suggest you use Turbo Tax. You can buy the software for $59.95 and complete your federal return. For that price, you can also download one state's information and prepare your state return. It also comes with free electronic filing for your federal return (not the state, which cost $19.95 to file electronically). If you have a very simple return (1040EZ) you can prepare it online free. There are several websites that offer this, but be sure you choose carefully and get a reputable site.
  • How about H & R Block. I have used them for several years now, and they are great.
  • I can highly recommend Brad Watkins, who works for the H & R Block office in East Athens, near the Lexington Road Walmart. He did our return this year and was very thorough, knowledgeable and very nice. He has done tax returns for six years now, though this was the first year we tried H & R Block. We were highly satisfied with the experience. Brad was also very accomodating in arranging a meeting time to suit our schedule. The prices are set by H & R Block, and may seem high if your return is complicated and requires a lot of extra schedules, but Brad adjusted the total for our "Second Look review" (we amended the return from a previous year) and saved us a lot of money compared to what we should have owed. Brad's phone number is 706-543-5282.
  • The people at Alps Road - H & R Block have been doing taxes for many years. Darrell McMann or Chris Rodgers can help you do your taxes. They are very friendly, patient and knowledgeable.
  • Alicia Hendricks at H & R Block by Home Depot. H & R block. I think they give a discount for new clients. Also, there is no commitment for you to pay once they do your taxes - if you think they charged you too much (of course that means they wont file them if you don't pay). I use the one on Epps Bridge. The number there is 706-354-0728.
  • I have been using Linda Shearer (sp) at Business Services on Prince Avenue for years, and just love her. My taxes are pretty easy and straight forward, and I pay $60 (for State and Federal). It may depend on how complicated yours are as to the price, but I am really not sure. Her phone # is 706-353-3353.
  • I use A&M Accounting. Art does a wonderful job.
  • I work at H&R block and would be glad to help you. i have been there for 5 years now. call me at the office if you want 706-549-7059. i am usually there in the evening
  • I usually file my taxes by myself as well. I had a weird situation last year and used Rodney Chandler at Smith, Adcock and Company - 706.353.8600. He gave me free advice over the phone before I took my taxes to him. Kinda pricey ($300 for an individual state and federal tax return) but worth it with all the advice he gave me.