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    Cable/Internet Service Please send me your recommendations/information on AT&T Universe for cable/internet vs. Charter. Is one better than the other? I live in the Hull area and Charter keeps going in and out - but didn't know if that was just my house or what.

  • I've just about had it with Charter. Every time it rains, and I mean EVERY time, the internet goes out - sometimes TV as well. If it's just a brief storm, the outage isn't terribly long. For the gully-washer Bogart had last week, our internet service was out for several hours. It's just tiresome when you're watching a show on TV, and the darn cable goes out for 20 minutes or more. For the prices Charter charges, these things should be very rare occurrences, not weekly or biweekly.
Televsion -- watch free, or (see below) Direct TV verses Charter

Why pay for cable when you can watch almost everything online. Check out,, and all the network websites stream shows.

    Feb. 2010
  • It seems that the vast majority of people who have DirecTV love it! I'm not sure who we will pick to share the $100 dollar "refer a friend" rebate with since we have made several new friends today. :-) But, after my husband and I discuss this tonight if we do switch to DirecTV I'll let one of our new friends know they have been selected. If others would like to subscribe and help a fellow UGA staff member let me know and I will be happy to provide the names of our other new friends.
  • Here are the results from my question regarding DirecTV:
  • A couple of my family members have cable. They hate it. It goes out if it rains just a little. We have DishNet. I love it. I think the prices are about the same as DirectTV.
  • They have been really good to work with other than one time, but they made up for that with a month of free service. Get the service program, it's only $7 and pays for itself in no time.
  • I switched 3 years ago and have loved every minute. Not only is the monthly bill cheaper, but the customer service at DirecTV is excellent. The only time we ever have any problems with our signal is during a really bad thunderstorm with HEAVY rain. So we may lose signal for a minute a couple times a year. Not really a big deal to me. Also, if you have AT&T home phone service, you can call AT&T and bundle your services and that will give you a discount of $5-$10 off your DirecTV bill. That may be worth checking into. To give you some idea, my DirecTV bill is $62/mo (including DVR, 2 receivers and maintenance plan) and my home phone/high speed internet is $75. My phone bill is a little higher b/c I have all the features including unlimited long distance and voice mail. I'm sure yours would be cheaper with basic service. Good luck with your decision. My only regret is that I didn't make the switch years before.
  • I have absolutely nothing but the best to day about DrirectTV's service. I switched from Charter Cable about 5 years ago and have never looked back. I also love their DVR service. It is great and completely changed the way I watch TV. If you have not already ordered yet, find a friend to send you a link and you both can be eligible for $100 rebate. If you need a friend I can be the one, lol.
  • I can't begin to tell you how much we love our Direct TV service. I've had it for 6 years now. The picture is awesome and the customer service is even better. In the past couple years, they updated their satellites. So the picture rarely goes out. Make sure you get their DVR service. We wondered how we lived so long without it. They've got lots of good deals out there right now. They have a "Refer a Friend" program where both you and I will get a $100 bill credit if you tell them I referred you. Just give them my account number when you sign up.
  • I had directv for over 9 years. Have not had any problems. The only disadvantage is when a bad cloud comes up sometimes not all times you will not be able to view your tv. (clouds block signal)
  • I live just off of Clark Circle which is 2 miles up the 29 from Ingles. I've had DirecTV service for a year now--switched because the DishNet service had faltered badly and fell pretty short for too long (used to be a strong point for them). I'm about to change my package because the first year intro deal is up, so while I haven't had any problems there hasn't been much opportunity for them to arise (they had a few minor issues with the special start up deal I got though--had to call and explain it to them a couple times). I think the reception with DirecTV is hardier--takes an even nastier storm to make it cut out than with DishNet, but both do pretty well in that respect. I don't know what sort of upgrades and revisions DishNet's done with their program guide or their receiver software over the last year, but DirecTV's were both FAR superior when we changed services ... of course my DishNet receiver was old because they hadn't offered to upgrade or even just replace my receiver in spite of repeated problems. That was the final straw, and they didn't seem to understand because I hadn't asked them to replace it, which I think is just sorry/confirmed my decision. Then they tried to get pushy to retain me as a customer (apparently they were losing a lot of us). That's very much the wrong strategy with me--just further sealed the deal, made it so I wouldn't even consider going back to them unless they changed out management and came up with some pretty good incentives, on top of dramatically improving their services.
  • You will never regret this decision. Just the customer service of DirecTV alone is worth the switch. And the lack of problems with cabling and signal and getting repairs? It's a definite win for you to switch. I have called DirecTV late at night and dealt with the most helpful people who fixed whatever problem I had right there and then. I am a staunch supporter of the DirecTV product. The only issue I have with them is when a really heavy rain is coming you get interruptions. But we're talking HEAVY rain.
  • I have been with DirectTV for about 2 years, had Dish Network before that, I have been very pleased with them, love the DVR. They have a refer a friend promotion going on that you, and me, can get a 100.00 rebate, 10.00 per month. If you do go with them please let me know and I will give you my account number and we can both save some money. YOU MUST HAVE MY ACCOUNT NUMBER BEFORE YOU CALL TO GET THIS PROMOTION.