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Termite Control

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ i like terminix. they participate in the employee extras too. I think you receive 20% off.

~~~~ American Pest Control did ours. I think they will check and then you pay a yearly contract fee after
that so they will check yearly and if you get termites it is supposed to be covered by the contract.
They can explain it better, but I think that is how it works. They got rid of ours when we had them.

~~~~ I think some of it seems to be somewhat like a scam, and at like vultures preying on homeowners' fears
(from some of the marketing I see). I would be interested what you learn. It is not my area of expertise.
But we have a Sentricon type system. It is serviced by PestUSA; this was chosen by the contractor for the
first year (ie he paid) and then we continued the service so that if/when we sell the house they can handle
the termite certification. It costs $77 quarterly thru Pest USA . It adds up!

The scammy part of it to me (or the part I don't understand) is that the in-ground monitor doesn't actually contain
active termiticide chemical, but simply has a wood filled cartridge. The theory I am told is that once these
wooden discs show termite damage, they then change this disc to chemical. Seems to me you're asking for trouble,
waiting till signs of damage arrive in the monitor and then trying to eradicate. You're assuming the termites
find the monitors (spaced every 10 to 15 feet) first before they find your house. I asked PestUSA if they could
apply a chemical barrier for us (Termidor); their estimate in 2006 was $250, for one time application. We did not
do that however, the trade off being, perhaps like your concerns, about chemical run-off in the environment.

We had another company, Lavender Pest Co, provide an estimate (not because of any problems, but out of interest to
see their service & cost). Cost for barrier treatment was going to be much higher $800. I forget the annual fee,
but we stayed with Pest USA.

~~~~~ We have used Athens Exterminating for over 20 years. They do our monthly service as well.
Ask for Danny!

~~~~~ I use American Pest Control. They have things in the ground outside my house for termites. They will come and check
inside at anytime during the year if you see anything you think is a termite. I also use them quarterly for bugs
inside. They wil come back at any time I see anything suspiscious at no extra fee.

We have been using Athens Exterminating for many years and we have Danny Hopkins (the owner) spray our house monthly
for pest control. We used his services when we lived in Athens and then when we moved to Watkinsville 5 years ago,
our home already had the initial first treatment, so he now comes out once a year and performs the annual termite
inspection. I don't know how long Danny has been in business, but he is ~45 years old and all his workers are very
professional. Danny is a Christian and will not rip you off. If interested, you can call him at 706-546-7438

~~~~~ I think Houseman pest control is just about the most honest and reasonable company around.
Great folks.

~~~~~ ~~~~~ I use Houseman Pest Control for indoor and outdoor. They're reasonably priced and they're locally owned.
They've been great. They are located in Watkinsville.