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Ceramic Tile Installers
  • Ryan Wegmann, 706-714-2478 He stays busy though so it may take a while before he can do your job. I found his recommendation on the staff listserv this past year. He did a bathroom tile job for me for $120 after I had a quote from a Safety Trades guy for $250+. Plus Ryan’s super nice and does a great job.
  • We just got done redoing both our bathrooms and our tile guy is AWESOME! His name is Ryan Wegman and he actually grew up playing soccer with my husband. We have some friends who bought the Howell Cobb House on Pope St behind Emmanuel Episcopal have been restoring it. They have a very good eye for restoration and are very very particular and they used him too and loved him! He is so nice, honest, trustworthy and does excellent work. We would just give him our key and let him work when we were not home. I am so happy with the bathrooms!
    This is actually the second job he has done for my husband. Before we were married he owned a different house and did a bathroom over there. Also turned out great! He did some prep work on our projects, hanging durarock and stuff like that. You would have to talk to him though about your individual project.
    His number is 706.714.2478

    I second the recommendation for Ryan; he's worked on two projects for me and both of them were done excellently. His pricing was fair, we has accurate with his estimates, and as Jenny said, he is very trustworthy and dependable!

  • Jason Carey, is a licensed GA Residential Contractor and is insured. He has 14 years experience in residential construction and remodeling. e-mail address is, 706-296-9168,