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Tire Brand and Dealer Recommendations

2008, 2009, 2010
  • The majority (6 people) recommended Porterfield Tire on Mitchell Bridge Rd. Pricing ranging from $411 to
    $488 depending on brand of tire.

    The following places each had one recommendation each: No exact price quotes were mentioned.

  • Sam's Club
  • Tires Plus - College Station Rd.
  • Tires Plus - By Kroger & Home Depot
  • University Tire
  • Bob's Tire Serivice - Winder
  • Five Star Auto
  • Toyo, by far!! They wear like iron and handle very well in the rain. They're a little more expensive, but so worth it!!
  • Go to Sams Club if you can. Great tires and great warranty. Good prices also.
  • I deal with the guys at Porterfield Tire. They will give you a good deal on tires no matter what you are looking for. Example: I called yesterday to get a price on 2 new tires since I can't get all 4 at the same time. I just need a tire that is good for the money and will have a good ride. I was told that I could get 2 put on, balanced and ready to drive out for around $125.00 which is not bad b/c that amount includes tax too. I don't care about name brand because I used to work at Porterfield Tire and realized that a lot of the time you are paying for the name. Name brand tires also make generic tires that are exact but one gets the name brand stamped on the side and the other gets the generic name. Same cost goes into making both, but you pay more $ for the name brand.
  • I used to buy only Michelin tires for my cars, and they always lasted their full mileage until the last two sets I bought from Sam's Club. Something was not right with the tires and they wore out about 20-30,000 miles too soon.
  • I then had a falling out with Sam's Club over the issue (they said it "must be the way you drive," although how does that explain 4 other sets of similar tires that lasted as long as they were supposed to? I suddenly became a terrible driver?)
  • At any rate, I blame that on Sam's more than on Michelin since the Michelins purchased elsewhere always lasted just fine.
  • Lately, because my car has 280,000+ miles on it and I feel it could croak at any moment, I have been buying the less-expensive Primewell brand tires from Tires Plus. Two tires (14" tires for a Corolla) I just had replaced cost me about $130 for the tires, installation, balance, etc. They are lower mileage (40,000, I think), but they seem to hold up really well (I'm on my second set, that was a shock), and ride as smoothly as other tires I've used. I'm happy with their performance on wet roads, too.
  • Conversely, a pair of Cooper tires my dad had put on my car years ago had TERRIBLE wet road gripping. I would "spin out" if I started from a dead stop on a hill when the pavement was wet. It was really embarrassing because people would stare at me - I guess they thought I was gunning it... but the reality was that I applied the gas as little as possible (I drive a stick, so I have to give it gas to start off) and the tires just didn't grip right off. As soon as I replaced those tires, my wet road grip returned and I had no more spinning out!
  • I bought my used Celica in June of 2005; it had Warrior tires on it. I've since driven nearly 60,000 miles and they are only now beginning to show their "wear bars" and only on the front. The rear tires have a ton of tread left. I don't know how expensive they were when they were put on my car, what the guarantee was, or if they were brand new when I got the car (they may not have been, I don't recall any salesman raving about how new the tires were) but when the time comes I will buy these tires again.
  • have known the Porterfields for many years and we have bought a great deal of tires from Troy. If you call him and tell him the kind of car and what size tire (that is on the outside of the tire) he will give you the best deal on the best for your budget.
  • Unless you want to spend $500-600 for top of the line tires (Michelin), I'd just go with a good offbrand (most people sell those these days) that are rated for 50-60,000 miles. The MOST important factors in getting good mileage is air pressure and keeping them rotated ....before any unusual wear starts. Check the air once a month, especially in the winter and have them looked at and rotated every 4-5000 miles. Any tires bought from us are rotated free for the life of the tires. (most dealers do this so take advantage of it! Hope this helps!
  • Snow Tire (6), 297 W. Hancock Avenue, Mon - Fri 7:30 - 5:30, Sat 7:30 - 12, 543-4371
    Snow Tire Company, ask for David McGinnis.
  • I highly recommend Snow Tire; they have always been great for me!
  • Snow Tire is great. Alignment is for life of the tires if you buy them there too. Good prices, good service, professional. Highly recommended.
  • Highly recommend Snow Tires. Ask for David.
  • I really like Snow Tire downtown. They are always honest and prices are as reasonable (or better) than any other places I've taken my car.
  • Auto Tech had recommended years ago that I go to Snow Tire and I've always found they do good work.

University Tire (3), 1170 Mitchell Bridge Road, Mon - Fri 8 - 6, Sat 8 - 1, 543-6725

  • University Tire. Do NOT go to Tires Plus. They told us we needed new tie rods, so we said we would double check with (our beloved) Auto Tech. We did not need tie rods. The same thing happened TWICE to my friend who didn't learn from her first experience and went back to have her car aligned. (Or if you DO go to Tires Plus, double check any major repairs they suggest you need. But I wouldn't go there.)
  • I have a '96 Civic and prefer to use University Tire on Mitchell Bridge Road. Their prices have been a lot better than most and service is excellent.
  • University Tire on the Mitchell Bridge Road has taken care of our tires, alignment, greasing, oil changes, etc. for many, many years and I highly recommend them. If you call or go there, ask for Chad.


  • I recommend Georgia Performance Auto. 706-354-3222 they are maybe 5-6 miles from campus down Highway 106. The address is 1420 Danielsville Road. Shane and Tommy are great. If you decide to go - tell them I sent you. They will tell you upfront what the expenses will be, and you can count on it. (Jennifer Adams)
  • Five Star Auto - across from bowling alley on 441. Honest guys.
  • PorterField Tire, Inc. in Athens & Watkinsville is good and pretty reasonable. They also let you finance through them if needed. Here's there contact information below in case you want to check them out:, 1190 Mitchell Bridge Road, Athens, GA 30606, (706) 549-6698
  • We used Pritchett Tire in Commerce for alignment. It is amazing to me how much the places in Athens charge. If I am not mistaken it was less than $50 whereas the places in Athens charge around $100.
  • For Tires I would suggest Tire Depot. They have a great price on NEW tires, they will balance and mount them for you but they do not align the front or back. I have purchased tires from them for my 3 vehicles for over 5 years now and their tires outlast anybody else's.
  • I use Hopewell Automotive on Jefferson RD (Prince Ave) for my Honda Civic.
My daughter has used tires from Sams for several years and finds their pricing is better than other places she's looked.

Wal-Mart or Tires plus are fairly reasonable

I've always been pleased with the service at Snow Tire on Hancock.

I get my tires at Hopewell Automotive. They have the best prices and great service. The last time I used Sam's (which was many years ago) they put the wrong size tires on my car.

Check Five Star Auto - across from the bowling alley on 441.

I'm not entirely sure there's not a place cheaper, but my dad bought us a set of rain tires for Christmas a couple of years back and pricechecked places in Athens--he found that Snow Tire downtown had the best deal and service, and compared their prices favorably to his favorite place in Mississippi where he lives (where everything is cheaper!). You might as well call! We have been going to them ever since (they rotate free for life of tires) and are really happy with the service.

I use Porterfield Tires off Mitchell Bridge Rd. Iíve been using them since Iíve been driving. They will even come pick your car up from your work, work on it for you while youíre working, and bring it back at no extra charge.