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Auto Towing

  • I live in Madison Co. I've had very good experiences with two different tow companies, towing my car from Athens to my home. Nixon's and Bulldog gave me fair prices. It sounds like Barrett is using some fancy language to overcharge you. Comer is hardly cross country.
    1. Nixon's Towing -- (706) 354-8664 -- Mr. Nixon has towed my car a couple of times and actually recommended Bulldog Towing when my car broke down over the holidays. He was in the process of towing another car and could not get to where I was before it got dark. So I called...
    2. Bulldog Towing -- (706) 316-9797 -- They're in the shop beside Companion Animal Hospital on Hwy 29, before you get to the State Patrol Office.
  • AAA tows and it may be worth your while to become a member just to take advantage of the one-time tow if you need it. I think with the Plus Membership, you can get 100 miles for free, thus you would only have to pay the membership fee. go to for details....or call them to discuss to make sure that this is good information. I have joined AAA when I've locked myself out of the car, and they provide that service too. Since I joined, I have remained a member, b/c they offer lots of good services.
  • Cross-county transfer fee? Sounds like a scam to me. I called my cousin who has a towing company and they said they never heard of such a fee. They will do the tow for $75. If you are interested call Self Wrecker Service at 706-543-0004
  • Call Madison Co. Towing and speak to Ray Brooks…..he is who we normally use in Madison Co.
  • Gabriel Towing in Arnoldsville/Crawford. Nice family owned operation. If you look them up in the phone book, try under Crawford.

    I use Ricky Gabriel from Crawford. 706.743.7370. He is a bit gruff, but always does a good job and his fee is pretty reasonable.

  • Many auto insurance policies cover towing. Call your agent and ask them if you have that coverage, and what you might do. Since it's accident-related, they can probably help.
  • My brother-in-law has a wrecker business in Banks Cty. Never heard anything about a transfer fee before. Call 706-677-3126 or 706-677-3129 and talk to Sandra about what their fee would be to haul your vehicle from Athens to Comer. She will probably not be in the office until after 12pm today.
  • A cross county transfer fee? Seriously?? Try Logan's towing they are fair and reasonable 706-548-5632.
  • I live in Madison Co. (Hull) and have had my car towed from my home to a service station in Athens several times. I've never been charged a "cross-county transfer fee". You might want to call the person who works on your car and get a recommendation from them. That's what I usually do.
  • What the towing company told you might not be what they charge the insurance company. When I was in an accident on a Sun. a few years ago. I was told there was a towing fee and a storage fee. It was at the towing company a couple of days waiting for the adjustor to look at it and then towed to the body shop. Total it would have been way over what my insurance would have covered for towing, but I was never billed for the extra amount.