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(several lists)
  • Steve Brown of Brown Tree Solutions has cut down several trees in our yard and has done an excellent job. His number is 706-714-3770.

    I just wanted to share and recommend Brown’s Tree Solutions for tree removal. We had a 100 ft pine tree removed from our back yard yesterday. Steve Brown and his crew did an absolute awesome job. He had surveyed the situation and came up with a plan. The tree was removed promptly and safely within our fenced in back yard! So, if you need a tree removed….I highly recommend Brown’s Tree Solutions!

    I've used Brown Tree Removal and they did a nice job for me. I also recommended Brown to another friend and I know she was very pleased as well. The owner's name is Steve Brown. He has all of the appropriate licenses and insurance.

    Within the past several weeks I had three estimates for tree work. I went with Steve Brown who owns Brown's Tree Solutions. 706-714-3770. He and his crew did a good job with recommendations for trees dangerous to the house, limbing of some trees, cabling one tree, removal those leaning toward house, and cleanup. Upon my request they left the pine tree grindings for my use as mulch and oak logs cut in 14 inch lengths for firewood. I'll call him again when I need some more work done.

  • Billy Bridges Tree Service does an excellent job. I have used them several times and could not be more pleased. His number is 706-338-7407.

  • I hope you are flooded with recommendations for Iron John's Tree Service, at 706-540-3495. Can't think of enough good things to say.

  • I highly recommend Scott Brothers Tree Service (706-476-2091). They are MUCH cheaper than services in Athens. A local company gave me an estimate of $2,800 for the same service Scott Brothers charged $1,000 to perform. My neighbor wanted the chips for mulch, so Scott Brothers trucked the chips to the exact spot the neighbor specified. Perfect clean up, too. Insured, bonded, etc., -- have done work for UGA.

  • New Urban Forestry is great:

  • Chestnut Tree Service/Brian Foreman 706) 742-2788
  • We've used Jesus and Mohammed's Tree Service a couple times and were pleased. I have no idea how the cost compares to other companies though.
  • Shane Moore, Moore Tree Solutions, 706-369-6671, cell 706-340-3395.
  • Please call Kevin Hamman, New Urban Forestry. 706-621-9335. They provide excellent service. I recommend Urban Forestry.
  • Tommy Cowart, Cowart Tree Service, has done several jobs for me. His number is 706-202-4093. Tell him I gave you his name. Recommend Bett's Tree Service. 706.424.6841 I HIGHLY recommend Top's Tree Service. His name is Stan Brown and his number is 706-769-6305 or 706-338-7530. He did some work for us and we were VERY pleased with his work and his price!!! GREAT guy!!! We use Tree People any time we need tree work done. They always do a great job at a reasonable cost. The owner is Robert Dunkelbarger. The number is 706-335-5247 and e-mail is
  • Billy Bridges Tree Service is wonderful. They do an excellent job at a very reasonable price. The number is 706-338-7407 cell and 706-742-9564 home. I have used Snipes Tree Service 706-254-4442 He is a very considerate man. He cares about the surrounding property as well as the trees he is cutting down. He replaced my fence when he had to take it down to get to one of the trees. He does a great clean up job!! Arbor Authority Tree Service, Jay Hobson, 706.654.6225
  • I have used Richard Herrings Tree Service for a number of trees I've wanted down. I have had great work done by them on several occasions. Their number is 706-201-7949. They have several people working for them.
We needed some extensive tree clean up and we used New Urban Forest
and we were very pleased with the work done. There was a tree I was worried was going to fall on the house,
they did an assessment of the tree and told me that they thought it was safe but just needed trimming
up. So, it cost me $700 less (it was a huge tree) to have it trimmed up rather than cut down, so I
feel like they are really honest people. I think they are really concerned about the environment and
are reasonably priced.
  • You could call Jesus and Mohammed. They are in the phone book.
  • Contact the Georgia Forestry Commission. They will come out for free and look at your trees and tell you what's
    wrong with them and what to do. They are fantastic!
  • call 1800-ASKUGA1 and get your local extension agent to come take a look...this is free and if he/she cannot help
    they will know somebody who can
  • Moore's Tree Service,706-548-2863, Owner - Chris Davis- he has been in the Tree Service business for 20 years.
    Gives free estimates and is reasonably priced if you need tree work done.
  • Several years ago I had someone from the county come out to look at my trees for FREE. If it is still offered,
    I think the link below may be a good starting point.
  • Contact Cooperative Extension Service or the City Arborist for advice. Call the (UGA) Grounds Dept. they have several
    tree surgeons that do this type of work on the side or they use to.
  • These guys are great:
  • Tarzan Tree Service, Shawn Doonan used to do trees at UGA and now on his own for last few years and he is the BOMB. 338-8320
  • Call Kevin Hammon with Neilson Timber Company Kevin 706-621-9335 He also has a company called
    New Urban Forestry that specializes in recycling wood from local settings. He is trying to start
    business in Athens (while previously located in Nashville) and could definitely use the business.
    He could probably have it done today.
  • Horizon Tree Service, Inc. nice guys and very reasonable pricing (706) 769-9991.
  • I needed many pines removed for prevention of future surprises - a total of 25 trees of
    prodigious size. Bear Tree Service did such a wonderful job - no crushed landscape plants,
    and a terrific clean-up job! My yard looks cleaner than it has in about a decade! And BTW,
    I did pick Bear from the all-knowing list serve! So, if you have similar needs, these folks
    can probably leave you very satisfied with the result!
  • Bears Insured Tree Service
  • I used Tarzan, they are in the phone book and he was very reasonable and very quick.
  • I've had great results using Williams Tree Service out of Crawford. The
    home/business number is 706-743-8041, cell is 706-255-6764.
    They can be hard to get a hold of as they stay so busy, but persevere and you'll be happy. :)
  • Jesus and Mohammed Tree Service
  • Jesus and Mohammad did a good job for us. They cut two trees just a few weeks ago in our yard.
  • Scott Bros. Tree Service
  • Alan Witcher (706-255-0547)
  • Betts Bros tree service
  • Davis Lawn and Tree Removal
  • Williams Tree Service (Crawford)
  • I've had great results using Williams Tree Service out of Crawford. The
    home/business number is 706-743-8041, cell is 706-255-6764.
    They can be hard to get a hold of as they stay so busy, but persevere
    and you'll be happy. :)
  • Tree Business (Covington)