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    Veterinarians (several compilations)
  • Thanks so much to everyone for the recommendations! I received an overwhelming number of responses, and the top choices are Good Hands Veterinary Hospital on Daniell's Bridge Road, The Vet at BlueRidge on Barnett Shoals in Watkinsville, and Winterville Animal Clinic (Dr. Brubaker). I have chosen one of them and already have an appointment for tomorrow morning for our dog.

  • Companion Vet, absolutely not. Overcharged me, switched vets on a surgery and billed me for things I did not request and then took issue with me when I brought this up.

  • Winterville Vet Clinic, ABSOLUTELY PERFECT. Works with me for payments when I face high vet charges or unexpected issues with my dogs, doesn't charge vet service charges when they just go in for shots, totally concerned for the health of my dogs, excellent handling of the dogs, i.e. when our latest rescue was spayed I saw them handle her and they were so good and so gentle, when they give shots they are firm but kind. I cannot say enough good things about Winterville Vet Clinic, Dr. Brubaker, Dr. Matthew and the vet techs and office staff. 3+ years of taking care of my Corgi mix Wyn and now a month taking care of our Vizsla rescue Rosie. And well worth the drive from "this" side of town - I drove from Watkinsville last year and West Athens this year.

    I also use Dr. Brubaker, Winterville Vet Clinic. You can get some medications via mail rather than having to go to the office. They are so gentle and kind when you lose a pet also. Their sympathy is genuine. Could not ask for anyone better!!!!

  • The UGA Veterinary Teaching Hospital offers a full-service veterinary wellness clinic right here on campus at our Community Practice Clinic (CPC), and you do not need to be referred to use the CPC. The CPC is directed by two faculty veterinarians who have years of experience in the field. They supervise our fourth-year veterinary students with the cases. And, if your pet needs more in-depth health services, our 40+ board-certified specialists are right next door. Wellness services offered at the CPC include spay/neuter, vaccinations, dental cleanings, annual check-ups and other services. And, you can drop off your dog on the way to work and pick him/her up at the end of the day. Here is a link for more details about our CPC: To make an appointment, you would need to call 706.542.1984.

  • My wife and I have been with Monica Kutcher and the Good Hands Veterinary Hospital for over almost 20 years and as folks involved in animal rescue and adoption, can't praise them highly enough. Monica, her associate vets and staff offer professional services and personal care to our many personal adopted and foster animals. They know our dogs and cat by name, and staff members ask about them when they haven't been by in a while (perhaps because most of our dogs are so old *grin*). Our 17 yr. old, one-eyed pug, Miss B. is a frequent visitor, coming in every few weeks for her Laser Massage Therapy which she looks forward to with eager zeal.

    I heartily concur with Mark's recommendation. Monica Kucher is the greatest! She has been our vet for 22 years and has taken great care of our pets--some with serious illnesses. She and her colleagues know us and our pets by name and have the most state -of-the-art facilities around except the vet school. Plus, the practice has good on-hold telephone music.

    I highly recommend Good Hands Vet, We have used Dr. Monica Kucher for over 20 years. She also has other outstanding vets and staff in her practice that I feel the same about. Her friendship and compassion in dealing with our pets is unmatched in my opinion.

  • My husband and I take our pets to Dr. Nancy Geren at Piedmont Animal Clinic on Hog Mountain Rd -- she is a thorough and compassionate caregiver, who has seen us through the illnesses and deaths of four old cats and an unexpectedly ill dog with enormous skill and kindness.
  • 2010 (july)
    • Winterville Animal Hospital (Dr. Burbaker) - 250 Henry Meyer Rd., Winterville
      (This was #1) After this the rest are pretty much even.
    • Athens Animal Hospital (Mel Crown) - 1400 Chase St., Athens
    • Gaines School Animal Hospital (Dr. Brewster) - 513 Gaines School Rd.
    • Animal Medical Clinic - 6300 Jefferson Rd.
    • Companion Animal Hospital - 2000 Hwy 29
    • Firehall 4 Animal Hospital - 1869 Atlanta Hwy, Statham
    • UGA Vet School
    • Shoal Creek Animal Hospital - 2226 Barnett Shoals
    Dr. Tom Nemetz, teaches dental work at UGA vet school, and is a sweetheart, too. He really helped my old collie with a rare teeth/jaw condition. A sedated cleaning is about $250; you'll also need to have lab work and dental X-rays.

    Dr. Mosher is a wonderful vet who is caring and kind. He took the time to explain my pet's health in a thoughtful, easy-to-understand way. He and Dr. Nemetz are two really terrific vets! I would recommend South Athens Animal Clinic to everyone.

    • She recommended Dr. Angela Dodd at Crossroads Vet at Hope Animal Medical Center on Mitchell
      Bridge Road in Athens. But we want something closer to home.
    • OH Winterville Vet is Great, I've been using them for about 28 years with different pets.
    • his doesn't really work geographically for you, but Shoal Creek Animal Clinic on Barnett
      Shoals has been my vet for years now and I love them. They're good people as well as
      good vets.
    • I really like companion animal hospital, which is just down the highway from Athens tech.
    • I take my dogs to Dr. Andrews at Colbert Animal Hospital on Hwy. 72 going towards Colbert
      and really like her.
    • Highly recommend WINTERVILLE ANIMAL CLINIC. Dr. Brubaker is the best. Ever.
    • Then you should try Companion Animal Hospital. They are located on Hwy. 29 before you get
      to the red light at Burger King if you are coming toward Athens.
    • We love the folks at Winterville Animal Clinic.
    • I use Winterville Vet in Winterville and they are very reseasonable and very good
      706 7425108, 250 Henry Meyer Rd. Good luck!!!
    • Although not in that area I use Dr. Allene Phillips at the Animal Hospital in Danielsville.
      She is very good and very compassionate. Good luck.
    • Dr. Brubaker has about the most experience in the area, is located in Winterville and has
      affordable rates ..... you might want to check with him at Winterville Animal Clinic.
    • Companion Animal Hospital would be a really good location for you. It's right after the
      29/72 intersection on 29; right down from McDonald's (toward Hull). That's where my
      dogs go and they're great and reasonable.
    • I like Winterville animal clinic for simple things like shots and getting meds.
    • Comer Veterinary Clinic Inc - 311 Highway 72 W - Comer, GA 30629-3917 (706) 783-5111 -
      I am a new pet owner (puppy) and this vet has been recommended to me by many, many
      people -- previous dog owner included and she (the vet) 's a UGA Vet School Grad --
      Leslie Hart. I can't attest to her abilities yet, but I do plan to adopt her as our vet,
      b/c I also live in Madison Cty (about 1 mile towards Danielsville from Ingles).....
    • We use the winterville animal clinic and have been very pleased:
    • Athens Animal Hospital off of the loop on Chase
    • And one last comment: I went to Companion Animal Hospital for many years, even thought
      the prices there seemed steep. But I'd been going there since 1991, so I stayed on
      with inertia. My grandmother's poodle went to Animal Medical Hospital by Harve Mathis
      Road and after she passed away, I continued to take him there. No problems. The poodle
      finally died of old age. The most major thing I had done was have his teeth cleaned
      and worked on - when he was 17 or 18 - he had to be put to sleep. I'm sure the
      procedure made his last three years more comfortable. My grandmother had fed him
      lots of ice cream :) When I got remarried, I finally moved my dog over to my
      husband's vet in Winterville - where, incidentally, my neighbor had his cat's records.
      Right around that time, my neighbor moved away and since his cat had spent at least
      six years parked just about every night on my daughter's bed, we decided I'd take on
      the cat for both days and nights :). So with two dogs and a cat at Winterville, it
      just made sense for me to move my dog from Companion Animal to Winterville, too. It's
      only been a couple years now with the three dogs and cat, but they seem quite reasonable
      and helpful.
    • I have had several recent WONDERFUL experiences @ South Athens Animal Clinic 706.353.8970- it is
      obvious the entire staff really cares, no one has an "attitude," and they work with you if you
      do rescue. Also, one of the vets there is singlehandedly responsible for Athens Clarke Co Animal
      Control no longer using the gas chamber as a method of euthanasia (back in he 80s). The gas chamber
      is inhumane. They are located across the small side street from the old Bi-Lo on S. Milledge @
      the by-pass.
    • I've been going there for over 20 years and I know they are all very caring,and competent people
      and have even rejoiced and cried with me in the past
    • I go to Firehall 4 which is located off of Hawthorne and I want to say Oglethorpe. Their phone number is 583.9191. Great and personable staff. They also do boarding and grooming.
    • I have an absolutely wonderful vet. She is in Jefferson, but I think she still has a day
      she travels to homes. When my sister had 3 cats and 2 dogs Dr. Shannon would go to my sister's
      home. She has great prices. Her number is 706-367-1198.
    • we go to Hope on Mitchell Bridge. Like them a lot.
    • Our beasts (2 cats) go to Hope AMC as well, and we have always been very pleased with their care.
    • I really like my vet at Athens Animal Hospital on Chase. The first time I went to him was to get a second opinion on a cat who was limping and we've been going every since. It turned out that cat had cancer and he was very honest, caring, and efficient in his treatment, always doing his best to ease my pet's pain. He's also very affordable - we would often bring in Jack and not get charged, or only be charged for whatever medicine we were given, instead of having to pay a vet visit fee each and every time even if we were only there for a few minutes. Now that we take our other cats there he gives us an additional discount!
    • I use Athens Animal Hospital (on Chase St. by the loop... and have always liked him. He's very reasonable priced and quick....we don't spend much time talking, but thats just because I don't have too many questions about my cat...the dog is always the long visit (and she goes to her old vet in ATL just because of her medical history...)
    • South Athens Animal clinic, on South Milledge, is awesome. I have been taking my many animals (also five cats!)to them for six years. They've saved the life of one dog and one cat, for sure. When I moved here, I asked everyone at work and in an organization I belong to who to see--Overwhelmningly, South Athens. If you have any questions, my number is 2-1433.
    • Absolutely, positively Hope Animal Medical Center, not quite to Bogart but I live in
      Bogart and it's plenty close for me .... Mitchell Bridge, just off the Atl Hwy.
      Great docs (plural) who really care ... and good hours, too!
    • Good Hands Veterinary Hospital on Daniels Bridge near 316 and the Oconee Connector.
      Monica Koucher is the best!!!
    • > I agree about Good Hands Veterinary Hospital and Dr. Monica
      > Koucher…she is the very best.
    • Super Dittos from me for Monica and the Good Hands folks. Monica Kutcher and her associates have been tending to many of our dogs and cats for almost 20 years.
      They also have a full service boarding facility and when we don't take our 'kids' with us on vacation, they get to stay with Aunt Monica.
    • I'd like to add another strong rec for Monica Kucher and Good Hands. She has been our cats vet
      for almost 18 years and she has expertly and compassionately gotten us through 2 bouts with
      cancer and 1 long-term heart disease treatment. She's not the cheapest, but I absolutely
      believe she is the best. The facility at GH is amazing--they can do almost everything in-house.
      Also, the other vets there with Monica are also splendid.
      We would never go anywhere else.
    • Just to put someone different out there, we've been very happy with the service and care
      from Winterville Animal Clinic...We've had dealings with Dr. Cole, Dr. Tehune, and Dr. Brubaker
      and all have been great experiences for us and our dog...
    • Dr. Angela Dodd there looks after several of the furries I petsit and they rave about her.
      You know if the dogs brag on her, how much the humans must really like her. :)